Friday, December 28, 2007

What Hillary Doesn't Know

"As soon as I found out that one of my supporters and co-chairs in New Hampshire made a statement, asked a series of questions, I made it clear it was not authorized, it was in no way condoned. I didn't know about it and he stepped down." - Senator Hillary Clinton, December 14, 2007.

By Senator Hillary Clinton

I don't know anything about my presidential campaign.

I didn't know we were planning negative attacks. I didn't know Billy Shaheen, a senior New Hampshire campaign aide, was going to make an issue of Senator Obama's teenage drug use. I didn't know my advisers were going to keep the issue alive by using the word "cocaine" in interviews after the aide was fired.

I didn't know my senior aides were using Senator Obama's kindergarten writings to concoct a pathological obsession for winning the presidency. I didn't know my campaign workers were planting questions with audience members before my appearances. I didn't know a 15-years-long fugitive illegally bundled $850,000 in donations on my behalf.

I didn't know my husband's disgraced National Security Adviser, who admitted stealing and destroying classified documents from the National Archives, would have "no official role" in my campaign after I selected him to advise me. I didn't know a gay General who supports me was traveling cross-country to the Republican You Tube debate to ask a loaded, partisan question.

I also don't know anything about my 2000 Senate campaign.

I didn't know why my former campaign finance director was indicted on four counts of filing false reports with the Federal Election Commission for an August, 2000 Hollywood fund-raising gala. I didn't know why 1,359 out of 1,369 votes cast in the Hasidic village of New Square were for me. I didn't know how my husband decided to pardon four residents of the same village on his last day in office even though they were convicted of stealing $40 million in federal funds.

I didn't know my brother was selling pardons. In fact, at the time I said:

"I'm just very, uh, disappointed about my brother's involvement. If I had known about, uh, this, we wouldn't be standing here today. Uh, I didn't know about it, and I'm very ... regretful that, uh, it occurred, that I didn't know about it. Uh, I might have been able to prevent this from happening. And I'm just very disappointed about the whole matter. I did not know. I was heartbroken and - and shocked by it."

I also don't know anything about The White House when I was the First Lady.

I didn't know why White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum removed documents from the late Vince Foster's office related to the Whitewater Development Corporation. I didn't know why he subsequently gave them to Margaret Williams, my chief of staff.

When asked about it in 1994, I said, "I can tell you what I know which is that I did not know that Vince had any of the documents related to our personal business in his office until after his death."

I didn't know how my Rose Law Firm records sought by Congressional investigators and a special prosecutor mysteriously turned up in my White House personal residence. I didn't know why the career White House Travel Office staff were fired. I didn't know The White House had access to hundreds of FBI background reports on former employees. I didn't know why a former bouncer was hired to head the Office of Personnel Security.

I also don't know anything about Arkansas when I was the state's First Lady.

I didn't know representing a bank before the Arkansas state regulators my husband appointed was a conflict of interest. I didn't know how Jim Blair turned my $1,000 investment in cattle futures contracts into a $100,000 profit. I didn't know what my former business partners Jim and Susan McDougal concealed that sent them both to prison. I didn't know what my former Rose Law Firm colleague Webster Hubbell was doing before he was convicted of tax evasion and mail fraud.

In fact, I don't know much about anything at all.

I don't know why so many women have accused my husband of ungentlemanly behavior. I don't know why a Google of "Hillary Clinton" and "scandal" produces 466,000 results. I don't know why a Google of "Hillary Clinton" and "I didn't know" returns 161,000 results.

I just don't know.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

If This Is Governor George Pataki

December 26, 1995 -- ALBANY - Gov. Pataki is endangering the recovery of potentially crucial e-mail evidence relating to the Dirty Tricks Scandal by refusing to give investigators the names of Internet service providers used by himself and his aides, sources said.

The refusal has blocked the Assembly Investigations Committee from issuing subpoenas to ISPs for personal BlackBerries and other e-mail-equipped devices known to be used by Pataki and his senior aides.

"I sent [Pataki counsel] Mike Finnegan a letter asking for the names of the ISPs in October, and he hasn't even answered me," said Assembly Investigations Committee Chairman Richard Brodsky.

"Then we sent out a subpoena for the information, and the governor is fighting that in court. I can't just send out a general subpoena to Yahoo! or Hotmail or AOL or Road Runner. I need to know what ISPs are being used by the governor and his aides."

Pataki's refusal to identify the ISPs has led Assembly and non-Assembly probers to fear that crucial scandal-related evidence has been, or will soon be, destroyed.

A senior official involved in the investigation said "some of the ISPs only hold copies of e-mails for 30 days, some hold them for 60 days, and maybe some for six months.

"What you have here, I believe, is the governor running out the clock on the evidence," the official continued.

Pataki's spokeswoman, Zenia Mucha, insisted that the governor and his aides had preserved all "relevant materials" and were resisting the Assembly's requests for information only because "state law makes it clear that it is improper for the Assembly - an equal branch of government - to investigate the executive branch."

The scandal, which is also being probed by the state Public Integrity Commission and the Albany District Attorney's Office, involved the use of the State Police by top Pataki aides last spring to gather purportedly damaging information on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, the governor's chief political opponent.

That's part of Fred Dicker's story today from The New York Post altered to reflect the same circumstances for 1995, Governor Pataki's first year in office.

If this is Governor Pataki, and not Governor Spitzer, at the center of the Dirty Tricks scandal certain reporters who cover state government wouldn't be so arrogantly dismissive of it.

If this is Governor Pataki the Albany County District Attorney wouldn't be a bumbling incompetent.

If this is Governor Pataki we'd read editorial after editorial from The New York Times calling for his impeachment and removal from office.

If this is Governor Pataki so-called good government groups such as NYPIRG, League of Women Voters and Common Cause would be screaming about ethics and transparency.

If this is Governor Pataki the state Public Integrity Commission wouldn't be a bunch of stonewalling stooges, but a "bi-partisan" Commission looking to nail a freshman Governor elected with 49 percent of the vote.

If this is Governor Pataki the media and "good government" phonies wouldn't be giving the Acting Superintendent of the State Police a free pass for his gross ethical transgressions.

Chichester Obtains Spitzer-Soares Email

N.Y. Post: DA Faces Subpoena Over Spitzer E-Files


David I'm extremely, extremely upset with you!!!!!!!! I heard you're getting a subpoena for my computerized records!!!!!!!!! Baum and Pope told you the day after Andy Cuomo's little report it's DAY ONE, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and you better play ball David!!!!!! Or you're finished!!!!!


Governor, yes, Baum and Pope told me. But I'm getting nervous about my support from the Working Families Party when I run for re-election.


My father made millions and he was the head of a working family!!!!!!!! I wouldn't be GOVERNOR OF YOU without being in a WORKING FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what David!!!!!??????? BILL GATES IS IN A WORKING FAMILY!!!!!!! It's the dumbest name for a party EVER!!!!!!!!! Now you have me sidetracked!!!!!!!! What the fuck were we talking about?????????!!!!!!!!!!


Obstruction of justice without your fingerprints Governor. Sir, I think we could be placing Attorney General Cuomo in a very difficult political position if we move forward with this plan.


I HATE ANDY CUOMO!!!!!!!! I HATE HIM SO MUCH I FEEL LIKE MARRYING A KENNEDY NOW!!!!!! Don't ever mention his name again David!!!! You better get with the program and start telling the Senate and Assembly about my soft side and how I was nice to a puppy today, or guess what?????!!!!!!!!! You're finished!!!!!!!

Chichester Obtains Spitzer-Cuomo Email Exchange
Chichester Obtains Spitzer-Silver Email Exchange
Chichester Obtains Spitzer-Bruno Email Exchange
Chichester Obtains Spitzer-Hillary Email Exchange

Monday, December 24, 2007

Gov. Spitzer's Hammer And Sprawlsickle

Judith Enck

Can someone please tell me what "sprawl" means? I've read about it. I've heard about it. And I still have no idea what it is.

Governor Spitzer apparently understands "sprawl." He's created a "Smart Growth Fund" to deal with the "problem." The staffer in charge of the Fund is Judith Enck. Ms. Enck offers her "solutions" for addressing the scourge of "sprawl" in today's Times Union:

"Step one is to focus on state spending, to make sure it does not contribute to sprawl problems. We want to help drive development where we have existing infrastructure. Then we look at how we can assist local governments . . . Our goal is to come up with programs to avoid sprawl without growth, which is what we have now throughout upstate."

Avoid sprawl without growth? What the hell does that mean? I need an Enck-to-English dictionary whenever she starts talking. And who is Ms. Enck to declare "we want to drive development where we have existing infrastructure." The market drives development, not state bureaucrats in the Spitzer administration.

For the uninitiated, Ms. Enck is one of New York's leading anti-business, carbon-counting green kooks. And that's a mild description. Ms. Enck is so militant on environmental issues that she once attacked my former boss, Governor George Pataki, as "out of the mainstream." Even The New York Times editorial page was forced to concede: "Most politicians are fortunate if they’re remembered for one good thing. In the case of Gov. George Pataki, that will almost surely be his work for the environment."

I have a good idea how Judith Enck defines sprawl. Sprawl is whatever Judith Enck says it is. Sprawl is a strip mall that Judith Enck doesn't like because it's not an architectural masterpiece. Sprawl is a private development that dries up a big puddle Judith Enck believes is a wetland. Sprawl is a small business owner who decides to expand by clearing trees that Judith Enck wants to stare at all day long. Sprawl is any job created in New York that doesn't comport with Judith Enck's Marxist flow chart for how jobs should be created.

Last week the Federal Reserve reported upstate New York lost 85,000 jobs between 2000 and 2006. With Governor Spitzer employing anti-capitalist environmental extremists like Judith Enck in a senior capacity New York will continue to lose tens of thousands of jobs.

R. Milhouse Spitzer, Judith Enck and Peter Pope

“Many, many, many of us are sick of being bashed in speeches and then called up for money.”

That's what an anonymous Albany-based lobbyist told the Times today. Regarding Governor Spitzer's long planned December 3 fund-raiser that netted $1.5 million another lobbyist said, “I may have gotten six different e-mails on that fund-raiser. We’re all being solicited to bundle contributions.”

The Times further reports:

"Some of Mr. Spitzer’s aides and appointees continue to keep lobbyists at arm’s length. Mr. Spitzer’s deputy secretary for the environment, Judith Enck, for example, does not allow a lobbyist to meet with her for more than 15 minutes, and she does not do meals. 'If you can’t make your case in 15 minutes, you’re not a particularly effective spokesperson for your cause,' Ms. Enck said."

Ms. Enck should know. She was a long-time left-wing Albany lobbyist, which the Times curiously did not report.

Judith Enck is the personification of the Spitzer administration. It's an ethical badge of honor for her to refuse to meet with lobbyists for more than 15 minutes or dine with them. So what. Does that somehow make her morally superior?

Governor Spitzer and his senior staff remain incapable of communicating with New Yorkers without an overwrought self-righteousness. And they're also completely oblivious to the hypocrisy they've created.

Perhaps the most hilariously funny - and hypocritical - example of this troubling personal demeanor at work in Governor Spitzer's second floor Capitol offices is Peter Pope. Today's Times reports:

"Several people also said that Peter Pope, the governor’s policy director, was widely considered to be hostile to lobbyists, especially when their clients disagreed with Mr. Spitzer’s priorities."

Mr. Pope, as I previously noted, is represented by Susan Necheles in the ongoing Dirty Tricks scandal. Ms. Necheles was once counsel to Venero Mangano, a Genovese crime family member also known as "Benny Eggs" who served 15 years in prison for extortion.

Obviously, if you're an Albany lobbyist be sure to avoid Mr. Pope. But if you're in the market for an underboss or need a tutorial for the proper way to sleep on a mattress in a vacant apartment in your suit, Mr. Pope may be a resource.

No matter how much dirtier the Dirty Tricks scandal becomes, there will be stories about the holier-than-thou comportment of Governor Spitzer and his aides. In the meantime, I'll take lunch for longer than 15 minutes with any lobbyist in Albany every time over lunch with Ms. Enck, Mr. Pope and Mr. Pope's mob attorney.

Eliot Sulzer?

William Sulzer, New York Governor, January-October, 1913.

Fred Dicker of the New York Post reports exclusively today that "computers in Gov. Spitzer's office were intentionally 'purged and scrubbed' of potentially crucial records involving the Dirty Tricks Scandal - while others have simply disappeared, investigators have been told."

This Spitzer scandal is growing and the facts that have not been reported will be even more damning than the facts we know today. The only New York governor impeached and removed from office is William Sulzer. Mr. Sulzer may have company. Soon.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Malleable Mitt And Other Sunday News

With Sen. McCain closing the gap in New Hampshire, Romney accuses him of "failing Reagan 101." It's truly amazing to watch Romney attack his opponents as insufficiently Reagan. The accusation comes from a man whose malleable lifelong ideology can be summarized by the coherence of a Jackson Pollock.

Sen. Obama lets John Edwards know he's a hypocrite in Two Haircuts America. Bill Clinton continues to talk about himself. Gov. Dukakabee is still answering for "arrogant bunker mentality."

Point Of Personal Privilege, Mr. Chairman

Jason Giambi, er, Mark McGwire, er, Barry Bonds, er, Marion Jones Roger Clemens*** denies using steroids and human growth hormone. And I said so, pre-blog.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Art Of The Slam

"Mike Slams Gov Over Javits Flop" is the headline in today's Post after Mayor Bloomberg's mild criticism of the Spitzer administration's review of the Javits Center's expansion plan. Unfortunately, and as much as every New Yorker has to love the city's tabloids, this story does not rise to the level of an official "slam."

First, Mayor Bloomberg did not fume. It can't be a legitimate "slam" without a "he fumed" quote. The Mayor merely "said" the delay cost an enormous amount.

Second, the Mayor "conceded" that "maybe all the costs originally weren't put in." We can't have any concessions in an official slam. And costs are never just costs. They're "explosive" or "out of control" or (my personal favorite) "secret."

Third, a "delay" is too tame. It has to be an "unacceptable delay" that the Mayor "won't tolerate."

Illegal Eliot

Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco describes Governor Spitzer as "Illegal Eliot" with good reason. Yesterday he pardoned Frederick Lake of Brooklyn, who served a six-year sentence for armed robbery. In the news release Governor Spitzer said:

“Mr. Lake has presented his arguments to the courts, and the courts have upheld his conviction, but whether or not Mr. Lake committed this crime, he now has two young sons who depend on him for emotional support and physical supervision, and who would be devastated by his deportation.” (Emphasis added.)

But whether or not Mr. Lake committed this crime? So taking guilt into consideration for armed robbery doesn't matter when the Governor of 18 million people issues a rare pardon? This from the so-called Sheriff of Wall Street?

What an absurd statement.

How about whether or not Maurice Greenberg committed a crime. Or whether or not Howard I. Smith committed a crime. Or whether or not Dick Grasso received excessive compensation. Or whether or not securities fraud is a crime. Or whether or not payola is a crime.

Governor Spitzer is a real tough guy when he's going after Wall Street executives and their rampaging briefcases. Yet when he has to defend a pardon for an individual convicted of a violent crime New Yorkers get a dismissive "whether or not Mr. Lake committed this crime."

Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday News

Mystifying Mitt Romney is at it again with his say anything habit. Democratic Assemblyman Michael Benjamin defends Falun Gong and rips Chinese government thugs. Professional goof Stephen Colbert recognized for his work in the joke-teller primary. Non-veteran Gov. Dukakabee on his "battlefield."

And Legislator Judith Kaye and her Court of Appeals with yet another decision that demonstrates New York's judges should not receive a pay raise. Defend the Constitutional rights of American authors? Don't bother Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick with such a technicality.

How The Media Cover Presidential Races

The next President of the United States.

Good afternoon. I'm Dave Johnson with the call from Belmont Park. The horses are in the gate. Six of them for the 140th running of the Belmont Stakes. Mile and a half.

And they're off. McCain breaks from the outside and takes the lead. Giuliani second with Ron Turcotte aboard on the inside between horses. Romney away very well racing in third position at the rail. Thompson did not break alertly and is fourth and Huckabee is right there in fifth. There's five of them across the track going for the lead as they swing around the clubhouse turn with Paul on the extreme outside trailing.

McCain draws out the lead by a length and a quarter. Giuliani in second from between horses and is very eager to get to that lead. Romney drops back a bit and there goes Huckabee now taking over fourth showing uncharacteristic speed. Thompson fifth about six lengths off the lead. Paul is the trailer.

As they race to the back stretch on the front end it's McCain with Edgar Prado aboard showing the way by a length. And now Giuliani charges up, storming up on the outside to take the lead. Giuliani by a length over McCain.

Romney is back to third, followed at the rail by the unpredictable Huckabee, and the great colt Thompson may be on the move in fifth, and the trailer continues to be Paul, who is 16 lengths off the leader Giuliani. The opening quarter was 23 seconds and the half in 46 and three-fifths seconds; that's three-fifths slower than the track record set by Reagan in 1984.

Here we go with Giuliani now in front by a length and a quarter but as you can see Huckabee is moving up along side to challenge McCain and Romney. Huckabee moving up on the rail and taking strong command of second as McCain and Romney drop back on the outside.

Giuliani is on the move now. Huckabee is a stalking second and he's moving early with six furlongs to go! Huckabee is about to overtake Giuliani! Oh! Huckabee has broken down! Huckabee has broken down!

Romney is now at the rail racing in second at the far turn. Thompson has moved up to the third position but is faltering and McCain falls back too. Paul is the trailer now by 35 lengths.

As they move to the top of the stretch it's Giuliani now in front by only a half-length, and now Romney puts in a run with Gary Stevens on the outside aboard. Thompson is still back to third by seven lengths as they straighten and McCain has given way trailing in fourth!

Romney is making his move. Stevens glances over and he sees that Giuliani is along side. It looks like a two horse horse race for the Belmont Stakes as Giuliani and Romney pull away! They're by the eight pole.

And down the stretch they come!

It's still Giuliani in a furious drive uncoiling that massive stride. He's holding on to a head lead. Romney is outside and challenging that lead. The two are heads apart. And Romney's got a lead! Romney is now a nose in front! Right in the middle of the stretch! It's Romney and Giuliani battling back along the inside! They are deadlocked! They're stride for stride!

The whip is out on Giuliani! Giuliani under a right hand whip from Turcotte! Romney on the outside driving! Giuliani and Romney noses apart!

As they come to the final sixteenth, Ron Turcotte imploring Giuliani to hold on! 63 years in the waiting! Romney a final surge! It's going to be very close. Here's the wire . . . IT'S TOO CLOSE TO CALL! Was it Romney or was it Giuliani?! A picture is worth a thousand words! History in the waiting until we get that photo finish!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

2006: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Lobbyists;
2007: Nevermind

"Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer announced his transition team this morning, stressing that he has decided to allow no elected officials and no lobbyists to participate in order to 'maintain the public’s confidence' in the process of transferring power from the old Pataki administration to the new Spitzer administration." - Capitol Confidential, November 9, 2006

“'We can say that the public has spoken and the public cares about this,' . . . 'We will be in a position to change the dynamic, speak with a unified voice—and trust me, it’s going to be a very different decision process.' . . . 'Boy,' said Spitzer running mate David Paterson, 'are they in for a surprise.'" - N.Y. Observer, November 12, 2006

"Some of the names being discussed to replace Alan Hevesi as state controller: Bill Mulrow, investment banker, former candidate for state controller in 2002. A graduate of Harvard and Yale, Mulrow ran a solid race against Hevesi in 2002 and has a strong financial background. But his work as a lobbyist since then could pose a conflict." -N.Y. Daily News, December 22, 2006

"There has been no official announcement or explanation of what role investment banker/Democratic big Bill Mulrow will play in the Spitzer universe, but someone with intimate knowledge of the set-up explained he will serve largely as a goodwill ambassador of sorts for the governor, seeking to shore up ties between the executive and his erstwhile supporters - particularly those who are members of organized labor." - The Daily Politics, December 20, 2007

Boy, you were right Mr. Paterson. We were in for a surprise in 2007.

First, Felton And Now Ms. Indira Faith Noel

Times Union: Aide To Senate Minority Punished

"People familiar with the accusation say Noel sought transcripts from the University of Buffalo, using Pierre's Social Security number and signature without his authorization."

Excuse me, but isn't this a crime? And the aide is merely "punished" and not fired? What behavior for political appointees in the New York Democratic Party merits a termination for cause? Raping an Assembly minority staffer and getting placed in the state's sex-offender registry? Oh, nevermind. That already happened to Speaker Silver's former counsel.

Why Hasn't This Man Been Fired?

Preston Felton

Acting Superintendent of the State Police Preston Felton was a willing and enthusiastic participant in the Dirty Tricks attempt by Governor
senior aides to destroy the career of Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. Despite having conspired with Spitzer aide William Howard, Superintendent Felton has largely receded from public view.

Felton remains unscathed in both media coverage and public scrutiny since Attorney General Andrew Cuomo released his report five months ago. The media, New Yorkers and, most of all, Governor Spitzer's serial apologists should read (or re-read) Attorney General Cuomo's report, particularly page seven. It concludes:

"• The Superintendent directed the creation of records to show where State Police investigators had driven Senator Bruno while he was in New York City, even for a trip for which Senator Bruno had already provided a schedule. These records were not ordinarily created or maintained by the State Police. The Superintendent provided these records to Howard with the understanding that they would be produced under a FOIL request.

"• The Superintendent began reporting to Howard information about Senator Bruno’s upcoming schedule and changes to the schedule on an ongoing basis as the Superintendent received that information.

"• The creation of records outside the ordinary course of business and the events in question carries the risk of creating inaccurate or misleading records, which occurred here.

"• Howard requested and the Superintendent produced selective information regarding Senator Bruno.

"• The Superintendent and Howard produced sensitive scheduling information of the kind not typically produced and did so without conducting a security review.

"• The Superintendent personally handled and oversaw the document creation and production. This was contrary to more than twenty years of State Police practice and procedure and was something that the Superintendent himself had never done before." (Emphasis added.)

How can anyone who understands the difference between right and wrong reach the conclusion that Preston Felton possesses the personal rectitude to lead the New York State Police in the aftermath of Cuomo's report? He should have been dismissed the day it became public.

Our State Police proclaim a "Vision, Values and Mission." The Mission is: "To serve, protect and defend the people while preserving the rights and dignity of all." Where was Felton's concern for preserving the rights and dignity of Senator Bruno while he was grossly abjuring the responsibilities of his office?

One of the top "Values" cited by the State Police is "Integrity: To live and work in accordance with high ethical standards." How is Felton's behavior not appallingly unethical? The man has been a member of the New York State Police for 22 years and he reduced himself to being a political party functionary. He has to know better.

When Governor Spitzer appointed Felton the Acting Superintendent on March 15th he hailed a "vast array of skills and abilities as both a top administrator and a field commander." He certainly has a vast array of skills and abilities since he's still employed as New York State's top cop.

Felton's News Release

In writing the post for this morning on Preston Felton I could not find the news release announcing his appointment last March 15th on Governor Spitzer's website. There are releases from that date on racing and Governor Spitzer's tour of the Alianza Dominicana Center in New York City.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

Christine Anderson, Governor Spitzer's Director of Communications, explaining the "upstate" State of the State.

"It's the state of our upstate (I can't believe I have to defend this bonehead idea) . Is it strong? (The second floor genius who came up with this first-ever fiasco-in-waiting better stay out of my office) . Is it weak? (Now this genius has me asking if the upstate economy is weak when I know a new report shows it lost 85,000 jobs between 2000 and 2006). What do we have to do next? (What I'm going to do next is find the propeller-hat in our administration who has no idea what the flack does).

"The Dishonest Way You Pose Yourself"

Senate Majority Leader Pat Geary Harry Reid of Nevada still hates President Bush.

President Signs An Al Gore Energy Bill

January 20, 2009 can't arrive fast enough so President Bush can retire to Texas. This morning he signed the "energy" bill flanked by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Every bill favored by Reid and Pelosi that purports to help America achieve energy independence will never achieve the goal and is merely one that appeases carbon-counting green kooks.

The legislation keeps the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge closed to oil drilling, does not provide incentives for the construction of nuclear power plants, does nothing to control rising gas prices and will not build the first oil refineries in the continental United States in thirty years. Today, President Bush officially became a total failure in attempting to establish a workable, balanced and sensible national energy policy.

This is an opportunity for one of the five competitive Republican candidates to show guts and leadership. The first candidate to effectively criticize President Bush for his signature on this atrocious legislation and paint him as an eight-year failure on domestic issues, with the exception of tax cuts, can break out.

A Slip And Fall Lawyer Reps Spitzer's Lawyer

ambulance chaser

NOUN: Slang
1. A lawyer who obtains clients by persuading accident victims to sue for damages.
2. A lawyer avid for clients.

This is Peter Moschetti. He represents David Nocenti, counsel to Governor Spitzer, in the ongoing Dirty Tricks scandal. Mr. Moschetti's major practice areas, he helpfully notes, include "slip and fall accidents." The legal advice he offers, which comes with a FREE CONSULTATION (it's in yellow on his website), is:

"Whether it’s an unsalted patch of ice in a business’s entryway or an unmarked spill on the grocer’s floor, New York slip and fall hazards are lingering amidst businesses, homes, and pathways . . . If you or a loved one has been injured in a New York slip and fall or other premises liability accident, consider these steps to help you with your claim.

"Take photographs of the accident scene and your injuries soon after, if not immediately after the accident. Write down the names and addresses of any eyewitnesses. Contact a New York premises liability lawyer at Anderson, Moschetti & Taffany as soon as possible. Our staff can help collect vital evidence and take action promptly to thoroughly investigate the case."

Unfortunately, I'm not near a shower as I write this post but I will carry on dutifully.

David Nocenti holds a position of immense responsibility. Having worked closely with one of his talented predecessors on criminal justice issues, I can confidently assert that they are not supposed to be this dumb.

I'm not a lawyer, and I know Mr. Nocenti needs a new lawyer. Immediately. If Mr. Nocenti slips and falls on his way into the Grand Jury room or has an auto accident on his way to take a polygraph, he can pursue an ambulance chasing case with Mr. Moschetti.

But since he's involved in a scandal that could prevent Governor Spitzer from completing his term in office, he's going to need the services of someone with experience in government corruption and white collar criminal cases. The Governor's Chief of Staff Richard Baum apparently understands the stakes. He hired Steven F. Reich.

Mr. Reich has experience as a trial lawyer and also "served as Special Counsel to a Select Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly considering whether to recommend the impeachment of then-Governor John Rowland." There aren't many attorneys directly involved in impeachment proceedings for a Governor. Mr. Baum hired the right lawyer.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gov. Spitzer, Mr. Eggs and Lawyers

Mr. Eggs

"With women assuming a major presence in other fields of law, it is likely Ms. Kedia will in the not-too-distant future be joined by a fairly substantial sisterhood representing organized-crime clients. Susan Necheles has represented Venero Mangano, an imprisoned mobster known as Benny Eggs."

Susan Necheles now represents Peter "Hatchet Man" Pope, a key player in Governor Spitzer's Dirty Tricks scandal now engulfing his administration. The New York Times reported her mobbed-up client in the 1999 story "Gotti's Newest, Youngest Lawyer: 'An Angel' but Also 'a Lioness.'"

Mr. Eggs is a member of the Genovese Crime Family. He was released from prison in 2006 after serving 15 years for extortion.

In addition to this experience Ms. Necheles also boasts of her "great success in representing individuals charged with sexual misconduct, including rape."

Pope's attorney is not the only private lawyer for Governor Spitzer's senior aides with a colorful background. The attorneys representing Governor Spitzer's chief of staff Richard Baum, his counsel David Nocenti and his former communications director Darren Dopp also have interesting career highlights.

"He specializes in representing clients charged with civil or criminal frauds in a wide range of industries, as well as clients embroiled in complex commercial disputes."

The specialty belongs to Steven Reich, Baum's private counsel.

"In the Matter of William Bonnani: Successfully represented police officer in an extensive arbitration in which the government employer was seeking to terminate his employment."

The "matter" is one of the "significant representations" Michael L. Koenig highlights in his biography. Mr. Koenig represents Dopp. Mr. Bonnani is a controversial Albany police officer suspended for four years, with pay, for beating a college student.

"New York's Personal Injury Lawyer" is how Peter Moschetti describes himself. Mr. Moschetti is the attorney for Counselor Nocenti. Yes, the Governor's lawyer has a lawyer. And he's an ambulance chaser.

So if you're a wise guy on the verge of being charged or a pedestrian who slipped on the ice in front of a small business or a police officer facing a brutality complaint, Governor Spitzer's top aides can give you a referral.

No, I don't want to repeal the Sixth Amendment or Miranda rights. The accused or soon-to-be-accused must have competent and qualified defense counsel.

I'm talking about a higher standard. The standard Governor Spitzer promised. In his Inaugural he said:

"I have no doubt that we can move on to better things in this state - that we will find ourselves on the winning side of history once more. But to be number one again, we must be one New York again. And so in order to return to policies of opportunity and prosperity, we must change the ethics of Albany and end the politics of cynicism and division in our state."

I was inspired by Governor Spitzer's campaign, his energy, his Inaugural and many other traits I believed he possessed that would finally begin New York's return to greatness. Despite a few doubts, I even told one of the aides mentioned in this post that I'd work for his boss in the same capacity as I once did for Governor Pataki.

Governor Spitzer certainly did "change the ethics of Albany." He single-handedly made it worse. Much worse. It's a stunning personal and political collapse for a man who showed so much promise and threw it all away.

Ax Murderers Have Constitutional Rights, Too

Terence L. Kindlon, counsel to a convicted ax murderer and former counsel to a senior aide to Governor Spitzer.

Kudos to Joe Mahoney of The Daily News for assembling a more comprehensive list of the private sector lawyers representing Governor Spitzer's collection of Haldemans and Ehrlichmans. It includes the notorious Terence L. Kindlon. Mr. Kindlon defended convicted ax murderer Christopher Porco.

The Silence Of R. Milhouse Spitzer

This is Michael L. Koenig. He is the private attorney representing Darren Dopp, Governor Spitzer's former communications director.

Richard Baum, the Governor's chief of staff, has retained a Steven F. Reich to represent him.

Peter ("Over the years, Pope has earned a reputation as Spitzer's hatchet-man") Pope, Governor Spitzer's policy director, has hired one Susan Necheles to represent him.

These three men are Governor Spitzer's new generation of Haldemans and Ehrlichmans at the heart of the Dirty Tricks attempt to destroy the career of Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. They've hired their own lawyers with good reason. But New Yorkers don't know if their boss also has hired a lawyer.

Yesterday at an Albany news conference Governor Spitzer was asked if he had retained private counsel. He refused to answer the question.

Why can Dopp, Baum and Pope disclose who they've retained, but Governor Spitzer not even confirm he also has an attorney?

If there is any indication that this scandal will continue to grow in severity, it's yesterday's news conference. Governor Spitzer's Nixonian attempts to ignore it, downplay it or pretend it never happened are increasingly pathetic. A Saturday Night Massacre sometime soon won't be a surprise.

R. Milhouse Spitzer's Attorney

N.Y. Daily News: Gov. Spitzer, Aides, Mum On Private Lawyer Hire

Governor Spitzer's lawyer can be seen here.

David Soares Crusades Like Thomas E. Dewey

The David Soares Investigative Sleep Mask

Rick Karlin of the Times Union reports the latest from Mike Nifong David Soares:

"The travel records scandal that has enveloped Gov. Eliot Spitzer and some of his top staff members is far from over, as the governor on Monday confirmed that his office has received yet another subpoena from Albany County District Attorney David Soares.

"This comes as Soares is hiring a chief for his Public Integrity Unit, which subpoenaed the governor; and as the state Public Integrity Commission is about to call Spitzer in to testify next month . . .

(and now the best part of Karlin's story)

"Heading the Public Integrity Unit is Bruce Lennard, who left the office this summer for a post at the Commission on Judicial Conduct, said Soares spokeswoman Heather Orth, who explained that he was rehired last week. Orth said the hiring was not linked to the travel records affair, saying there was an open position to run the bureau for some time. 'We were just looking for the right person,' she said."

Rehired last week? There was an open position to run his Public Integrity Unit? Soares was looking for the right person? While he's charged with investigating an ethics scandal that has crippled state government?

This is too good. What a complete bunch of incompetents in the Albany County District Attorney's office.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Useless Poll From Quinnipiac

Quinnipiac University's polls continue to be laughable public relations stunts. Three major "findings" from today's poll are:

* "In a head-to-head presidential matchup, Sen. Clinton tops Mayor Giuliani 53 - 32 percent, compared to 50 - 36 percent October 17."

* "In the Democratic primary, Sen. Hillary Clinton leads Illinois Sen. Barack Obama 55 -17 percent, with 7 percent for former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards."

* "Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's lead in the New York State Republican presidential primary is shrinking as he gets 34 percent."

We have no idea who the Democratic and Republican parties will nominate. Yet Quinnipiac polled a hypothetical general election contest between Rudy and Hillary that is almost a year away.

Hillary is faltering and if she loses Iowa to Obama it could be all over for her campaign. But Quinnipiac's poll is a national poll. Iowa is all that matters for Hillary, Mark Penn and Ickes-Begala-Carville-Lindsey now.

Gov. Huckabee is gaining in all polls, and it should come as no surprise that he's gaining in Rudy's home state. Plus, I hate to break it to Quinnipiac: New York is not a bellwether for the national Republican party with or without Rudy in the race.

A friend describes Quinnipiac's polls as "Quackapiac." It's a fitting description.

Jim Tedisco For Congress

"The saddest thing in life is wasted talent." - Lorenzo, A Bronx Tale.

In 1991 Democrats controlled the California State Assembly by a 49-31 majority. Then-Governor Pete Wilson had a two-word term he used to describe his fellow Republicans in the minority. F---ing Irrelevants, or FI's.

It was a harsh term for a harsh reality. Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco should think about its meaning in the aftermath of his decision to forgo a race to fill the seat of retiring Rep. Michael McNulty, The Invisible Congressman.

With Democrats holding a 108-42 majority Jim Tedisco is not going to be the Speaker of the New York State Assembly. Ever. He's been in the Assembly for 25 years. What's the long-term goal? To be in the minority for another 25 years, effectively achieving nothing beyond annoying and embarrassing the majority?

Assemblyman Tedisco should run for Rep. McNulty's seat, and there is only one reason why. It's the best reason. He can win.

Despite the significant Democratic registration advantage, Tedisco will bring strong qualities to a race. He's personable, positive and conservative. Those are Reagan qualities. He can raise money, has solid name identification and his star play on the basketball court at Union College is a great personal story.

Assemblyman Tedisco's "Illegal Eliot" effort, where he debunked and ridiculed Governor Spitzer's scheme to hand out driver's licenses to illegal aliens, was very impressive. Moreover, as the recipient of the Governor's "f---ing steamroller" meltdown he can motivate the Republican base and continue to use it as an endless source of humor.

There is a down side. If Hillary is the Democratic nominee it will hamper all Republican candidates in competitive districts across New York, including Tedisco. So what. I've heard that whining from Republicans, and I'm tired of it. Believe in ideas, get aggressive, don't apologize and take risks. The alternative is being an FI in good standing for life.

Only 10,000 men and women in the history of the United States have been elected to Congress. It's a tremendous personal honor to serve in the House of Representatives or Senate. Everyone who has a strong chance to win a seat should run.

So run, Mr. Leader. What do you have to lose?


Rain Man Ron Paul and his demented supporters continue to raise money. Because Qantas never crashed. I'm definitely not wearing my underwear. 'Course, three minutes to Wapner. I'm an excellent driver. K-Mart sucks. R-O-N-P-A-U-L. R-O-N-P-A-U-L. Main Man. For President.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

"You can look inside my mouth if you want."

Well, don't look a gift Hillary in the mouth.

In Dunlap, Iowa this afternoon Hillary said:

''I've been to cattle barns before and sales, before in Arkansas, but I've never felt like I was the one that was being bid on. I know you're going to inspect me. You can look inside my mouth if you want. I hope by the end of my time with you I can make the case for my candidacy and to ask you to consider caucusing for me.''

Just a wild stab here but "you can look inside my mouth if you want" was not in Hillary's talking points today. It's becoming more and more apparent that Hillary won't merely lose Iowa. It could be an Obama blow out if Ickes-Begala-Carville-Lindsey don't do their thing. And the Schadenfreude in certain New York circles is no doubt growing day by day.

He's Not Going To Return To Reagan-Bush

Yesterday Gov. Romney ("I was an independent during the time of Reagan Bush, I'm not going to return to Reagan-Bush.") jumped on Gov. Dukakabee for attacking the Bush administration's "arrogant bunker mentality" foreign policy. He said:

"It sounds like something Barack Obama or John Edwards would say - not what you hear from someone running for president as a Republican."

Being attacked by mystifying Mitt Romney as a RINO on any issue had to be galling for Ed Rollins and the rest of the Dukakabee people. What's next in this presidential campaign? Hillary trotting out Howard Wolfson to attack Sen. Obama for running an illegal "slush fund" PAC to raise money?

Drudge Channels Edmund Muskie

Drudge has posted a typical over-reaction this morning: "Mitt Tears On Meet." Gov. Romney did not come close to even a half-blubber. He should stick to obsessing about about freak weather events, 14 pound babies, celebrity dimwits and other Star Wars bar scene stories.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday News

New York Post edits today on Day 349, Nothing Changes and biggest wimp on earth Speaker Silver.

"Clinton Advises, ‘Stay Tuned,’ Despite Campaign’s Recent Rough Weeks" is the headline in today's Times. "Stay tuned" is Clinton code for the Ickes-Begala-Carville-Lindsey thug operation to kick into high gear and slime Obama.

Governor Dukakabee hires Ed Rollins. It makes no sense given how Rollins is not unfamiliar with sleaze. Neither is his new boss, which Quin Hillyer of The American Spectator detailed in this masterful piece last October.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Chichester Assembles The Full Adams

"I deserve a raise. I deserve to be paid more." - Sen. Eric L. Adams

*A link that can be e-mailed to family and friends interested in their New York state government as an early Christmas present.

Senator Eric Adams Has A C-SPAN Caller Moment (8:08 a.m.)

The Official Biography Of Senator Eric Adams (8:54 a.m.)

Senator Show Me The Money (12:37 p.m.)

PROVOCATIONS: Mystifying Mitt

Why Governor Mitt Romney continues to be a leading contender for the Republican nomination is mystifying. If a political dynamic speaks to the troubled state of the Republican Party today, this could be it.

There are states where election as a statewide official, especially Governor, can automatically disqualify a Republican from being competitive in a presidential primary. Massachusetts is supposed to be such a state.

Today, Massachusetts Democrats hold all six statewide offices, all 12 seats in Congress and 7-to-1 majorities in both chambers of the state Legislature. It's so difficult for a Republican to get elected to office in Massachusetts that the party did not contest 130 of 200 seats in its Legislature last year. Even the ideological fringe members of the Green-Rainbow Party fielded more nominees for statewide office (four).

Romney was a Massachusetts liberal when he ran for Governor in 2002 and the U.S. Senate in 1994. Massachusetts elects Massachusetts liberals. It's that simple. Romney understands this political reality and has effectively courted the conservative base by ridiculing the people who elected him.

Then-Governor Ronald Reagan didn't campaign for the presidency in 1976 and 1980 by mocking the Californians he represented for eight years. As he approached his 60th year, he also didn't undergo a near-total transformation in his political philosophy like Romney. Moreover, Reagan ran on his successes in California, particularly the tax issue. Romney barely even mentions his signature achievement as Governor: a health care law that Hillary Clinton could have written.

The raw politics also work against Romney in a potentially devastating way. There are flip-flops, and there are Romney-flops. On issue after issue that confront a president Romney's long history demonstrates he can have a vigorous debate with himself.

The Clinton and Obama campaigns likely have the playbook written on how to campaign against Romney. His Republican competitors obviously do not.

Despite being a Democrat campaign ad maker's dream candidate, however, Romney does exhibit one guiding political principle. Ambition. The word oftentimes is wrongly portrayed as a negative character trait in politics and elsewhere. It shouldn't. Ambition is good. But what gives it a negative connotation are candidates like Mitt Romney. He exudes a say anything mentality to win votes.

Yet, Governor Romney has remained competitive since his candidacy began, and has now won the endorsement of the venerable National Review. From now until the end of the campaign, I still won't understand the success of Romney's campaign or why many respected conservatives decided to support him.

Senator Show Me The Money, Cont.

Liz Benjamin of The Daily Politics has performed a great public service to the people of New York. She posted the video of Rod Tidwell Senator Eric Adams calling for a raise since he makes a measly $79,500. It is fall-down funny, especially the way he says "show me the money."

An excerpt from the Senator's remarks to his colleagues:

"Don't be insulted for yourselves. You should be insulted for your children. That you are not allowed to give your children an affordable, decent form of living because all of us know when we're up here, our children are down there. When we are in Albany, unlike the Post editorial, and the Buffalo editorial, when they go home and spend time with their children we're up here in Albany. Half the year, we don't see our families. And we are ashamed to say we deserve a raise. Well I'll be darned if I'm ashamed to say it. I deserve a raise. I deserve to be paid more."

This man is a blog gold mine. And some people say politics is boring.

The Official Biography Of Sen. Eric Adams

Following a distinguished 22-year career in the New York City Police Department, Rod Tidwell Eric L. Adams "traded in his blue uniform for a blue suit" on November 7, 2006.

As a Captain in the NYPD, Tidwell Adams became well-known to New Yorkers as a thoughtful, tireless advocate for his bank account the communities and people he served.

Always an outspoken advocate ("It's something very personal, a very important thing. Hell! It's a family motto. Are you ready Jerry? I wanna make sure you're ready, brother. Here it is: Show me the money. SHOW! ME! THE! MONEY! Jerry, it is such a pleasure to say that! Say it with me one time, Jerry!") he has testified before the U.S. Federal Human Rights Commission, at numerous New York City Council hearings, and in United States Federal Court.

An advocate and a partner throughout his years in public service ("Jerry Maguire ... How'm I doing? I'm sweating dude! I'm sweatin' my contract! I'm sweating Eliot Spitzer calling me, telling me I'm missing the big endorsements by being with you! THAT'S how I'm doing - I'm sweating dude!"), he has contributed both his passion and his unique community-based, criminal justice perspective to numerous issues.

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Sen. Eric Adams Has A C-SPAN Caller Moment

“We deserve a raise. I’m only a freshman and I’m already complaining.'’

Senator Adams stole the show at yesterday's special session. According to Joe Mahoney of The Daily News:

"Freshman Sen. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) argued vociferously that he and his colleagues also should be in line for a raise. 'Show me the money!' thundered Adams."

Senator Adams made a greedy Brooklyn spectacle of himself yesterday. You don't like your $79,500 salary Eric? Find a new job, which will allow you to stop embarrassing the New Yorkers you represent with childish and undignified rants on the Senate floor.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hillary's Weird Laugh

It's not the full HA! HA! HA! that greeted Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, but it sure made an appearance at the debate today. You hear this laugh and it's run screaming from the room like Baby in Dirty Dancing time.

Albany County's Version Of Mike Nifong

The David Soares Investigative Sleep Mask

Albany County District Attorney David Soares is wearing his investigative sleep mask more than previously believed. In addition to the Dirty Tricks scandal, it's strapped on as he "investigates" illegal Internet steroid sales. Today, he was asked if he cared about catching Major League Baseball players. He said:

“That’s not an interest of mine. It never has been. I’m more concerned with the teenager right now who is on the JV squad and wants to be on the senior squad and will go out and get steroids."

What? It never has been?

What an unbelievable statement. I wonder if District Attorney Soares a) knows that since 1991 possession of steroids without a valid prescription is a crime, and b) these players have made a joke of hallowed Major League Baseball records and must be punished.

Soares is willfully ignoring the law, and the people of Albany County should take that fact into consideration when he's up for re-election.

Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's Sir Michael

Sir Michael Barber

Rick Karlin of Capitol Confidential reports:

". . . the state Board of Regents is hiring a former advisor to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to help whip the state Education Department into shape . . . Sir Michael Barber, who has written a book on improving public sector performance will play a role with McKinsey & Co. in its efforts to 'strengthen the Department as a state-of-the-art school improvement and service organization'. . . Barber’s work is part of a $6.2 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates and Wallace foundations to help SED improve what it does."

Let me see if I have this straight. In the 13th year of Commissioner Richard Mills's tenure a private citizen billionaire, who lives in Washington state, provides a grant to the state Education Department. A foreign citizen and author who worked as a senior education official in his country's government is subsequently hired to help transform New York's public school system. This is what it takes to break the failure-is-an-option mentality of the Education Department?

It's not as desperate as it sounds (I think). Last August Sir Michael told The New York Times:

"How do I get these children a good education as fast as possible? Once you have the answer to that question, you just do it. If it’s close the school, you close it and move the children into a better one. If there are no better schools nearby, close it and replace it with another on the same site. But you do whatever it takes.”

Do whatever it takes to close failing schools? Have children move to a better school? The vetting process at the state Department of Education must have had a Bernard Kerik-style breakdown. Someone there is going to get the ax.

Sir Michael could be a true reformer. And he should have a brilliant time encountering the sclerotic state education bureaucracy and it's excuse-a-minute defenders.

Point Of Personal Privilege, Mr. Chairman

Roger Clemens reporting to spring training, 1998-2007.

N.Y. Times: As Baseball Braces for Report, Pettitte and Clemens Cited

I wish I started this blog two years ago since I've been trashing Roger Clemens*** as the steroids-using pitching equivalent to Barry Bonds*** for at least that long. What an I-told-you-so to Yankee fan buddies (and you guys know who you are, and I will, of course rub it in be a perfect gentleman about it).

The Sexist Critics Of A $45,650 Raise

This is Eric Dinallo. Mr. Dinallo is the Superintendent of the New York State Insurance Department. His wife is Priscilla Almodovar, the CEO and president of the State of New York Mortgage Agency.

Yesterday, the New York Post reported Superintendent Dinallo's wife is set to receive a $45,650-a-year pay raise from $204,350 to $250,000. After the story broke the Associated Press reported the Superintendent's reaction to critics of his wife's large raise. He charged it was "bordering, if not on the wrong side of, sexism."

Today, the Post's follow-up to its exclusive reports Mr. Dinallo also said, "I do believe that there is a sexist overlay to the idea that a woman who is as accomplished as Priscilla is in her own right is somehow diminished."

The guy deserves a break because it's fairly easy for husbands and wives to lose perspective when their spouses are publicly criticized. While understandable since it's a family matter, it's also a typically bankrupt leftist response.

Leftists revel in their attempts to silence criticism or dissent when they can no longer argue the merits. Oppose affirmative action? You're a racist. Oppose gay marriage? You're a homophobe. Conclude a $45,650 raise is excessive for a female state official? You must be a sexist.

The left has perfected this language. They even do it to themselves in competitive Democratic primaries in New York City (which is hilarious to watch since they're so used to hurling gratuitous epithets mostly at Republicans).

What Superintendent Dinallo should ponder is why his wife has been criticized. Someone is to blame. His boss.

Governor Spitzer claims to be the embodiment of ethical and political purity. He can't help but let you know he's morally superior. When that's the standard, a raise for a member of his administration larger than the yearly salary earned by tens of thousands of New Yorkers is fair game for critics.

Day 347, Nothing Changes

Gannett's Jay Gallagher reports:

"The state's workforce has swelled to its highest level in more than 12 years, putting more pressure on the state budget, according to a report issued Wednesday by a conservative think tank.

"The state had 235,014 full-time equivalent workers on the payroll at the end of September, 3,158 more than last year. That's the most of any year since 1994, according to the report from the Empire Center of the Manhattan Institute."

The report can be read here.

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

Governor Spitzer performed a 180 in The Daily News today after telling the Buffalo News the transcript testimony from a possible appearance before the Public Integrity Commission doesn't have to be released publicly.

"My view is I'm always happy to release all my testimony and my comments (My view is I was burned by the public reaction to The Buffalo News story and I need to sound like a total phony now). I've answered every question (I've answered no questions under oath and my lawyers are going to make sure it stays that way), and I'm happy to do it (I'm going to destroy anyone who compels me to do it, which is what my role model Richard Nixon would do)."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Democratic Landslide In The Making

The New York Times posted this Sunday's Magazine cover story on Governor Dukakabee. He is the dream general election candidate for Democrats. If this man is the Republican nominee the conservative base will desert him once the complete gubernatorial record is understood. Independents will be driven away because of questionable Clintonesque ethics. His one-liners will grow tiresome for everyone, and there is always the Michael Dukakis issue.

Legislator Judith Kaye Gets A Reply

Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno responding to Chief Judge Judith Kaye's threat to sue the state for a pay raise:

“If they want to sue somebody, sue the speaker for not putting that bill on the floor. Go sue him, and they ought to sue the governor also. Just throw him in because he can roll the speaker any time he wants to.”

Asking The Wrong Question, Again

Question 17 from today's Quinnipiac Poll:

Do you approve or disapprove of Eliot Spitzer's handling of the illegal immigration issue?

Just like Siena College on Monday, Quinnipiac is using lazy language. This poll is even more misleading. What does the "illegal immigration issue" mean? Are respondents supposed to guess that it's a reference to Governor Spitzer's scheme to hand out driver's licenses to illegal aliens? Even with the vagueness 62% disapproved and 21% approved. Upstate 72% disapproved and 15% approved.

The Be Nice To Atheists Institute

Rick Karlin of Capitol Confidential reports pagans humanists are upset with Gov. Spitzer and Speaker Silver for supporting the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act." Any group attacking the Governor and Speaker from the left on a religious issue is the kook fringe.

Chichester Obtains Spitzer-Cuomo Email



Andy I read about what you said in the New York Post today!!!!!!!! I'm very, very, very angry with you Andy!!!!! You better stop speculating about what crimes District Attorney Soares can pursue!!!! I already sent my new generation of Haldemans and Ehrlichmans to make him an offer he can't refuse if you know what I mean!!!!!!!! And you're finished!!!!!!!!


Governor, I'm simply fulfilling my sworn responsibilities as the duly elected Attorney General of New York. Please call me Andrew, btw.


Don't you talk back to me!!!!! I'll call you whatever I want Andy!!! Did you see my latest poll numbers!!!! I got back from therapy and what's the first thing I read????!!!! Liz Benjamin reporting at 8:06 a.m. that I've sunk to a new low in the Q poll!!!!!!!! And next I read what you said in the Post. I HATE THE NEW YORK POST!!!!! You blabbed to the one paper I hate more than anything Andy!!!!


Governor, please try to control yourself. I will continue to represent the people of New York with integrity and forget we even had this email exchange.


I don't believe you!!!! I know you want to primary me Andy!!!!!!! You're going to send this email to Dicker, right???????!!!!!! I HATE HIM MORE THAN THE POST!!!!!!! You're finished!!!!!!!!!!!

86% Of Upstate Voters Oppose Spitzer Plan

In the daily polling bombardment the media subjects us to, only a few numbers matter. One question posed by the Siena poll released on Monday was:

Do you support or oppose the Governor's decision to withdraw his proposal to provide driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants?

The question was written to favor Governor Spitzer's position. Because we don't have "undocumented immigrants" in the United States. Those who enter our country without obeying Federal laws are "illegal aliens." It's the correct - and legally accurate - term.

Moreover, illegal aliens are not "undocumented." They carry documents, but the documents they carry are fraudulent. Despite such a soft question, 86% of upstate voters said they supported the Governor's plan to "withdraw" his proposal. If "illegal aliens" were substituted for "undocumented immigrants" the number would have topped 90%.

Day 346, Nothing Changes

Pri$cilla Almodovar

In today's Post Fredric U. Dicker and Kenneth Lovett report that Priscilla Almodovar, CEO and president of the State of New York Mortgage Agency, is set to receive a $45,650-a-year pay raise from $204,350 to $250,000. Ms. Almodovar's raise alone is more than I made working as a Press Officer for Governor Pataki throughout his first year in office. And the agency she heads is so far removed from what is important to the Executive Chamber, I have no idea what it's supposed to do beyond handing out subsidized mortgages and holding a buyer's hand at the closing.

Needless to say, such a large raise is confounding for a Governor who proclaimed Day One, Everything Changes. Oh. I forgot to mention what Dicker and Lovett also reported:

"Almodovar is the wife of Spitzer's handpicked insurance superintendent, Eric Dinallo, a close friend of the governor who served under him in the Attorney General's Office."

R. Milhouse Spitzer Won't Have A Good Day

N.Y. Post: "Tricks" Up DA's Sleeve

Regarding the plan by Governor Spitzer's senior aides to destroy the career of Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo told the Post:

"There are other theories to pursue if [Soares] wanted to pursue them. I don't know where [Soares is] going, but there are other crimes besides perjury . . . There's a lot of crimes that you could charge that don't require a sworn statement."

Ouch. The Governor is likely to have his third or fourth tantrum of the morning once he learns his Attorney General is publicly speculating about criminal charges that Albany County District Attorney David Soares can pursue.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Governor Dukakabee

Despite his obvious Michael Dukakis problem Governor Huckabee is still gaining in the polls, which tomorrow's WaPo front page will report.