Friday, December 14, 2007

Senator Show Me The Money, Cont.

Liz Benjamin of The Daily Politics has performed a great public service to the people of New York. She posted the video of Rod Tidwell Senator Eric Adams calling for a raise since he makes a measly $79,500. It is fall-down funny, especially the way he says "show me the money."

An excerpt from the Senator's remarks to his colleagues:

"Don't be insulted for yourselves. You should be insulted for your children. That you are not allowed to give your children an affordable, decent form of living because all of us know when we're up here, our children are down there. When we are in Albany, unlike the Post editorial, and the Buffalo editorial, when they go home and spend time with their children we're up here in Albany. Half the year, we don't see our families. And we are ashamed to say we deserve a raise. Well I'll be darned if I'm ashamed to say it. I deserve a raise. I deserve to be paid more."

This man is a blog gold mine. And some people say politics is boring.