Monday, October 1, 2007

Limbaugh's Riveting Interview with Justice Clarence Thomas

A must read/listen

Good News From Iraq

AP: Iraqi deaths fall by 50 percent

According to the AP:

"The number of American troops and Iraqi civilians killed in the war fell in September to levels not seen in more than a year. The U.S. military said the lower count was at least partly a result of new strategies and 30,000 additional U.S. forces deployed this year."

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issued a statement:

"This is very encouraging news. I'm hopeful it will continue, and that our fighting men and women of the United States armed forces will eventually be victorious in the war against terrorism and Islamofascism."

I made that Pelosi quote up, of course.

Al Oerter, New Yorker, Long Islander, Olympic Champion, RIP

N.Y. Times: Al Oerter, 4-Time Olympic Discus Champion, Is Dead at 71

Greta Van Susteren In Paradise

Greta is likely to have another one of her Natalee Hollaway Woodstocks For Ratings with this story.

If the deceased were:

a) Unattractive;
b) A minority; and
c) Not related to a well-known public figure . . .

We wouldn't hear hardly a word.

Green People, Like Martians

How is it possible to be more green than Governor George E. Pataki? You'd think the former Governor was piloting the Exxon Valdez listening to these pagans environmentalists describe how they worship protect our planet.

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

George Gresham, head of Local 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers on Governor Spitzer's driver's license scheme:

“Thousands of undocumented immigrants (illegal aliens who are documented, but their documents are fraudulent) live and work throughout New York State. They contribute not only to the rich diversity of our State (break our Federal laws), but play an essential role in our economy as well. Allowing immigrants (illegal aliens) the opportunity to obtain driver licenses in a responsible and secure manner (amnesty) will enable them to earn a living, while improving security and enhancing road safety (I don't believe a word of this schlock) . . . New York’s immigrants (illegal aliens) should not be made to suffer any longer due to the failure of Congress and the President to achieve consensus on this issue.”

Senator McCain, Broke

It's difficult to envision any scenario where Senator McCain comes back to win the nomination, especially since he's $2 million in debt.

The "Personal Venom" Of The Surrender Now Defeatists

Retiring Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace has a few words for the Cindy Sheehankooks and her allies in Congress.

"And what worries me is that in some instances right now we have individuals who are more interested in making somebody else look bad than they are in finding the right solution. They are more interested in letting their personal venom come forward instead of talking about how do we get from where we are to where we need to be."

The Madison Avenue Congressional Republicans

Today's WaPo reports Congressional Republicans:

". . . may be having an identity crisis. Boehner, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and President Bush have met regularly on what Boehner calls his 'rebranding' initiative: winning back for the GOP the mantle of fiscal discipline and limited government."

John Boehner speaking like an advertising executive is not the appropriate way for Republicans to communicate their message (when they figure one out.) No "rebranding" is going to wash away 12 years of majority control where they morphed into a party nearly bereft of principles. I can't think of any issue, other than the tax cut issue, where the retort to a Republican idea isn't: What were you doing for 12 years?

Rudy, Who Voted For Democrat Mario Cuomo

N.Y. Times: Giuliani Inspires Threat of a Third-Party Run

The Times reports:

"Alarmed at the possibility that the Republican Party might pick Rudolph W. Giuliani as its presidential nominee despite his support for abortion rights, a coalition of influential Christian conservatives is threatening to back a third-party candidate."

What took them so long.

It is well known that he's pro-abortion and pro-gun control. Less well-known, but equally troubling, were his ringing defenses of New York City's Marxist rent control laws. He even presided over a "coming out day" for homosexual city workers when he was Mayor.

If the Republican party nominates Rudy, it goes the way of the Whigs.

Richard Milhouse Spitzer

N.Y. Post: Fred Dicker: GOPers Prep For Gov War

Point of Personal Privilege, Mr. Chairman

After the historic collapse-choke my Mets just perpetrated on baseball history, Jerry's advice to George is needed.

"You really need some help. A regular psychiatrist couldn't even help you. You need to go to, like, Vienna or something. You know what I mean? You need to get involved at the university level, like where Freud studied, and have all those people looking at you and checking up on you. That's the kind of help you need. Not the once-a-week for eighty bucks, no. You need a team. A team of psychiatrists working around the clock, thinking about you, having conferences, observing you like the way they did with the elephant man. That's what I'm talking about, because that's the only way you're going to get better."

Clarence Thomas, Still Unloading

ABC News today reports extensively on the new Clarence Thomas book, "My Grandfather's Son." The quotes are searing (for those who may not know who he's talking about here, it's the Senior Senator/Aquatic Wonder From Massachusetts, Joe Biden (D-Neil Kinnock) and others too numerous to mention.

"These people who claim to be progressive & have been far more vicious to me than any southerner and it is purely ideological . . .

"People get bent out of shape about the fact that when I was a kid, you could not drink out of certain water fountains. Well, the water was the same. My grandfather always said that, 'The water's exactly the same.' But those same people are extremely comfortable saying I can't drink from this fountain of knowledge. They certainly don't see themselves as being like the bigots in the South. Well, I've lived both experiences. And I really don't see that they're any different from them."