Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Art Of The Slam

"Mike Slams Gov Over Javits Flop" is the headline in today's Post after Mayor Bloomberg's mild criticism of the Spitzer administration's review of the Javits Center's expansion plan. Unfortunately, and as much as every New Yorker has to love the city's tabloids, this story does not rise to the level of an official "slam."

First, Mayor Bloomberg did not fume. It can't be a legitimate "slam" without a "he fumed" quote. The Mayor merely "said" the delay cost an enormous amount.

Second, the Mayor "conceded" that "maybe all the costs originally weren't put in." We can't have any concessions in an official slam. And costs are never just costs. They're "explosive" or "out of control" or (my personal favorite) "secret."

Third, a "delay" is too tame. It has to be an "unacceptable delay" that the Mayor "won't tolerate."