Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Sexist Critics Of A $45,650 Raise

This is Eric Dinallo. Mr. Dinallo is the Superintendent of the New York State Insurance Department. His wife is Priscilla Almodovar, the CEO and president of the State of New York Mortgage Agency.

Yesterday, the New York Post reported Superintendent Dinallo's wife is set to receive a $45,650-a-year pay raise from $204,350 to $250,000. After the story broke the Associated Press reported the Superintendent's reaction to critics of his wife's large raise. He charged it was "bordering, if not on the wrong side of, sexism."

Today, the Post's follow-up to its exclusive reports Mr. Dinallo also said, "I do believe that there is a sexist overlay to the idea that a woman who is as accomplished as Priscilla is in her own right is somehow diminished."

The guy deserves a break because it's fairly easy for husbands and wives to lose perspective when their spouses are publicly criticized. While understandable since it's a family matter, it's also a typically bankrupt leftist response.

Leftists revel in their attempts to silence criticism or dissent when they can no longer argue the merits. Oppose affirmative action? You're a racist. Oppose gay marriage? You're a homophobe. Conclude a $45,650 raise is excessive for a female state official? You must be a sexist.

The left has perfected this language. They even do it to themselves in competitive Democratic primaries in New York City (which is hilarious to watch since they're so used to hurling gratuitous epithets mostly at Republicans).

What Superintendent Dinallo should ponder is why his wife has been criticized. Someone is to blame. His boss.

Governor Spitzer claims to be the embodiment of ethical and political purity. He can't help but let you know he's morally superior. When that's the standard, a raise for a member of his administration larger than the yearly salary earned by tens of thousands of New Yorkers is fair game for critics.