Thursday, October 4, 2007

Have You Figured It Out Yet, Conservatives?

Rep. Bobby Jindal announced he will vote to override the president's veto of SCHIP:

"If the reauthorization of SCHIP continues to be pushed back, we are robbing these children of the coverage they need.”

Rep. Jindal has been hailed as a "new generation" of leaders by conservatives, as this American Conservative Union news release from last year notes:

“As many increasingly question what conservatism means today — especially in the face of an exploding and encroaching federal government — these rock-solid conservatives held fast to ACU’s core values of fiscal discipline and limited government,” said ACU Chairman David Keene. “Unmoved by shifting poll numbers and the Potomac temptations to make headlines and put power over principle, these men and women deserve our respect, our admiration, and our votes.”

"Rock-solid conservatives."


Except when you're running for the Louisiana Governor's office, which Rep. Jindal is doing now.

Despite Mr. Keene's happy-talk at the time, Rep. Jindal has now been overcome by Potomac temptations. He was moved by shifting poll numbers. He put power over principle. SCHIP is a major example of the exploding and encroaching federal government that Keene cited, and Bobby Jindal is on the side of exploding and encroaching.

As previously noted, the conservative movement and the conservative media have little influence with the House Republican conference. This Jindal announcement is merely the latest example, and there are many more to come from "conservatives" as we head to November, 2008.

Republican Fund-Raising Numbers, And It Isn't Pretty

The third quarter fund-raising totals are in. Rudy raised only $11 million, Romney raised only $10 million, Thompson raised only $9 million, McCain raised only $6 million and Paul raised $5 million. If the Republican front-runner can only double the haul of a certifiable straitjacket of a candidate like Ron Paul, the party's in big trouble.

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

According to Reuters, The Sensitive Metrosexual, John Edwards, "attacks Clinton on Iraq Position:"

"If you're not ending combat missions and combat operations, you're not ending the war (I did not dispatch Mrs. Sensitive Metrosexual to attack Hillary here so that shows what a tough guy I am) . . . We clearly need fundamental reform of the system for providing security contractors in Iraq or any place else (I hope my hair looked good when I said that) . . . Our party, the Democratic Party, has to offer the American people real change, and that starts with ending this war for good, not just trimming it (speaking of trimming it, I think I need another Two Americas $400 hair cut by my 'celebrity stylist' Joseph Torrenueva of Beverly Hills - where they have a lot of blue-collar mill workers - before my next campaign appearance).

The Dot EDU Academic Delusional of the Week

John H. Mollenkopf, director of the Center for Urban Research at the City University of New York, on Governor Spitzer's scheme to provide driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

“I do think that immigrant citizens take offense at efforts to be mean to undocumented workers."

These men and women are not "undocumented workers" or "undocumented immigrants." They have documents, which are fraudulent. If they possessed legitimate documents, they would be in our United States legally. They are illegal aliens, which is the accurate description.

SCHIP Hysteria

A former co-worker in the House forwarded me a few statements Democrats have made about SCHIP:

Rep. Fortney Stark (D-Atheism):

“The Axis of Evil isn’t just in the Middle East, it’s just down here on Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Rep. Lloyd Doggett:

“How many children will be dead or will suffer with disease and disability until enough members of this Congress are willing to stand up to the President.”

Rep. Steny Hoyer:

“A stunning lack of compassion for some of the most vulnerable members of our society.”

Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-I Can't Go Ten Seconds Without Saying F---):

“Telling children to take a hike.”

Who could possibly vote for these people.

"The Children," And SCHIP

Even though the SCHIP bill covers adults, a sampling of the headlines today:

L.A. Times: Child Health Veto Will Be Election Issue

New York Times: Bush Vetoes Children's Health Bill

Washington Post: Bush Vetoes Children's Health Insurance Plan

San Francisco Chronicle: Bush Veto of Kids' Health Bill Puts Pressure on House GOP

Did any human in the MSM read this bill? Their ability to consistently achieve stunning stupidity about the English language and simple facts never disappoints.

"Bush Vetoes Middle Class Welfare Bill To Provide Adults Health Insurance."

That's the accurate headline (Congressman Zach Wamp of Tennessee has an outstanding column on this issue, here).

The media is only outdone by Congress. Put "the children" on any bill in Congress and half of the 535 Thomas Jeffersons we elected would vote for it no matter what.

Dr. Adam Nagourney

N.Y. Times: On Stump, Low-Key Thompson Stirs Few Sparks

First the Times brings us the most irrelevant story of the day regarding who would fill Hillary's Senate seat, and now psychiatrist reporter Adam Nagourney concludes that Fred Thompson is too tired, lazy, low-key, subdued, uninformed and aloof to be president of the United States. Just pathetic "journalism."

The Daily Chichester

An Archbishop who understands Catholicism (when it comes to Rudy)

The New York Times thinks Hillary is already president (they must be stupefyingly bored at the Times to have come up with this department-of-who-cares story)

The Governor-Infant gets blasted by relatives of 9-11 victims for his scheme to provide driver's licenses to illegal aliens

Charles Schumerborking profiled on

People who care more about animals than human beings People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals indoctrinate Michael Vick