Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The United States of America, Plus San Francisco

According to ABC local news in Havana San Francisco Film Commission Executive Director Stefanie Coyote "would only allow the Marine's production crew to film on California Street if there were no Marines in the picture. They wound up filming the empty street and will have to superimpose the Marines later."

The story quotes Captain Greg Corrales of the San Francisco Police Department Traffic Bureau:

"It's insulting, it's demeaning. This woman is going to insult these young heroes by just arbitrarily saying, 'no, you're not going to film any Marines on California Street.'"

What an absolute disgrace.

Chichester's Entourage Checks In

Apparently, and I have not read the story yet, the patriotic City of San Francisco, where Speaker Tracy Flick Nancy Pelosi resides, has denied the United States Marine Corps a permit to film a commercial. More asap.

How To Annoy Chichester II

Candidates, incumbents, flacks and their supporters should do every single humanly possible thing and avoid using these words and phrases since they cause Chichester's head to explode.

Dis (Chichester feels like DeNiro playing Russian Roulette with Walken and Savage in The Deer Hunter).

Street cred (committing a felony gets you respect, which makes sense).

In the final analysis, in the last analysis, in the moment, in a zone (the Four Horsemen of incoherence).

Have You Figured It Out Yet Conservatives?

One reality that becomes immediately apparent to a non-Kool-Aid conservative who goes to work as a Hill staffer is the irrelevancy of the conservative movement and conservative media in the eyes of the Republican conference, including the leadership and ranking members. 45 Republicans voted to expand the SCHIP program last night. From what I gather, there wasn't much concern about limited government emanating from Minority Leader John Boehner, Minority Whip Roy Blunt and other senior Republicans.

Rudy, Who Voted For Democrat Mario Cuomo

When then-Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush announced his candidacy for president Newsweek put him on their cover with the headline "Fighting the Wimp Factor." It was a typically gratuitous dig from the MSM, and rejected soundly. First by Republican primary voters, and second by the American people in the general election against Gov. Michael Dukakis.

Rudy Giuliani is "fighting the weird factor." And unlike the charge against 41, there's much truth to Rudy's weirdness, which today's Wall Street Journal editorial notes. Rudy pulling out his cell phone to speak to his bride, quite simply, gave everyone the creeps. NRA members were surprised or confounded because many are not familiar with his mercurial behavior before, during and after his New York City mayoralty. They'll definitely have an opportunity to witness more of "the weird factor" before the campaign is over.

Lunatic Update

N.Y. Times: Iran’s Media Assail President’s Treatment

"The program repeated scenes that showed the audience cheering Mr. Ahmadinejad, suggesting that a lot of the audience was made up of his supporters. 'I saw even Jewish students who walked out of the talk saying Mr. Ahmadinejad was very convincing,' a woman wearing a head scarf told the program in English."

You can only get so angry at a demented, depraved and terrorist-laden government before it becomes a bit unproductive. It's apparent they enjoy our denunciations and rage. Today, they just need to be laughed at. The laughter that followed The Lunatic's pronouncement that there are no gays in Iran may have stung and startled him more than any single moment during the visit.

TU: John Signor Elected President of Capital OTB

I have known John for 15 years, and congratulate him on such a wonderful career achievement. It's a cliche that your best friends would do anything for you. John would truly do anything for his friends. There's no doubt he'll excel in this position, which is what he's done everywhere he's worked. Congrats again, John. You deserve it.

Times Union: New president approved at OTB