Friday, October 19, 2007


Dear New Yorkers,

You are dumb.

You're dumb because you elected a United States Senator from Illinois by way of Arkansas in 2000. She had zero connection to our state. None.

You're witnessing, now, why you're dumb.

She rarely speaks about New York on the campaign trail. Hardly a word. Doesn't that seem odd? Have you even noticed? You understand she represents you, right?

You are dumb.

How many times have you heard her speak about Schenectady, Albany, Buffalo and Riverhead? They are invisible communities as she pursues the presidency.

How often do you hear her address the 2000 campaign promise to prevent New Yorkers from fleeing the state? She's been a United States Senator for over seven years, and the upstate economy continues to deteriorate. Despite what she said during her campaign against Rep. Rick Lazio, she's achieved nothing.

But she can't achieve. Because she's not the Governor of New York.

You're dumb enough not to understand the difference between executive power in a state, and merely being one of 100 votes in the United States Senate.

You knew about the scandals. You ignored it. Because you were star-struck. You wanted a Hollywood Senator, and you got it.

Now you're jilted for a presidential campaign, and you still don't care that you were jilted. You're going to vote for her, again, too.

You are dumb.

It's the state you were born, raised and educated in. Yet you don't care that you've been hustled by The Hustler, and her husband.

Love, Chris.