Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Howard Wolfson's C-SPAN Caller Moment

Wolfson today "clarifying" Hillary's gaffe:

"Senator Clinton supports governors like Governor Spitzer who believe they need such a measure to deal with the crisis caused by this administration's failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform. As President, her goal will be to pass comprehensive immigration reform that would make this unnecessary."

Please keep trying to explain Hillary's response last night, Howard. Especially since late this afternoon The Times reported:

"Mrs. Clinton’s advisers said that she had not studied either plan, and was not specifically endorsing either of them."

This is supposed to be a campaign juggernaut led by the finest political professionals in the Democrat party? Hillary stumbled and fumbled for an answer last night, her flack is equally incoherent and the campaign admits Hillary has no idea what's in Spitzer Scheme 1 or Spitzer Scheme 2. This bunch is Stooges-level hilarious.

Spitzer's Position On Indian Sales Taxes

Buffalo News: Spitzer backs off vow to collect Indian sales taxes

According to the News:

"Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer is backing away from a promised effort to collect taxes on the sale of cigarettes and gasoline by Indian retailers, even while the state’s budget deficit continues to rise, officials acknowledged Tuesday."

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

Governor Spitzer today defending his illegal alien driver's license scheme:

"I have done precisely what the public sent me to Albany to do (I have lied to the people of New York since I hardly uttered a word about providing illegal aliens with driver's licenses during my gubernatorial campaign last year) , which is to shake and rattle the cage of a system that was not responding to a changed economy, changed circumstances. Inevitably in that context, there will be some for whom the rattling and the shaking isn’t so comfortable (if they are comfortable I'll make sure the Internal Revenue Service audits them).

“We are in the position we’re in right now because of the failure of Washington (We are in the position we're in right now because I still think it's September 10, 2001) . Washington’s immigration policies (amnesty for illegal aliens) have been a debacle (which is why we were attacked on September 11, 2001, among other reasons) .”

Hillary On Spitzer's License Scheme

"Fill the vacuum . . . Ah . . . Ah . . . Fill the vacuum . . . Fill this gap . . . [gives Chris Dodd her Arkansas revenge glance]. . . Well . . . Well . . . What, what . . . Well . . . [glares at Tim Russert and wishes a Tony Soprano whacking upon him] . . . You know, Tim . . . Everybody plays gotcha . . . Er . . . out of the shadows."

Last night's debate demonstrates the junior Senator from New York is in total command of this issue, and Governor Spitzer has her full support.

"You Made A Fool Out Of Myself"

That's what Democratic State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. told Governor Eliot Spitzer regarding his scheme to provide driver's licenses to illegal aliens, according to today's New York Times.

This is turning into one of the most spectacular collapses in New York political history, perhaps the most spectacular. A year ago then-Attorney General Spitzer was heading toward a massive 70 percent triumph over former Assemblyman John Faso. Today, his reputation, his character, his temperament and his tactics lay in ruins.

Hillary Clinton's State

After Vice President Dick Cheney went pheasant hunting in upstate New York Al Sharpton issued the following statement.

“It has been reported to us by media on the site that Vice President Dick Cheney is duck and pheasant hunting in Dutchess County . . . and there is a Confederate Flag hanging at the club. I am calling on Vice President Cheney to leave immediately and denounce the club and apologize for going to a club that represents lynching, hate, and murder to black people."

Memo To Al: Do you understand the meaning of the blue star above Arkansas? It celebrates Arkansas' membership in the Confederacy. It's why the official website home page for the state doesn't feature the flag. The next time you unleash your hatred attempt to distinguish between a hunting trip that has nothing to do with race and New York's junior Senator serving as First Lady for over 12 years in a state with a flag that "represents lynching, hate, and murder to black people."