Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Democratic Landslide In The Making

The New York Times posted this Sunday's Magazine cover story on Governor Dukakabee. He is the dream general election candidate for Democrats. If this man is the Republican nominee the conservative base will desert him once the complete gubernatorial record is understood. Independents will be driven away because of questionable Clintonesque ethics. His one-liners will grow tiresome for everyone, and there is always the Michael Dukakis issue.

Legislator Judith Kaye Gets A Reply

Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno responding to Chief Judge Judith Kaye's threat to sue the state for a pay raise:

“If they want to sue somebody, sue the speaker for not putting that bill on the floor. Go sue him, and they ought to sue the governor also. Just throw him in because he can roll the speaker any time he wants to.”

Asking The Wrong Question, Again

Question 17 from today's Quinnipiac Poll:

Do you approve or disapprove of Eliot Spitzer's handling of the illegal immigration issue?

Just like Siena College on Monday, Quinnipiac is using lazy language. This poll is even more misleading. What does the "illegal immigration issue" mean? Are respondents supposed to guess that it's a reference to Governor Spitzer's scheme to hand out driver's licenses to illegal aliens? Even with the vagueness 62% disapproved and 21% approved. Upstate 72% disapproved and 15% approved.

The Be Nice To Atheists Institute

Rick Karlin of Capitol Confidential reports pagans humanists are upset with Gov. Spitzer and Speaker Silver for supporting the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act." Any group attacking the Governor and Speaker from the left on a religious issue is the kook fringe.

Chichester Obtains Spitzer-Cuomo Email



Andy I read about what you said in the New York Post today!!!!!!!! I'm very, very, very angry with you Andy!!!!! You better stop speculating about what crimes District Attorney Soares can pursue!!!! I already sent my new generation of Haldemans and Ehrlichmans to make him an offer he can't refuse if you know what I mean!!!!!!!! And you're finished!!!!!!!!


Governor, I'm simply fulfilling my sworn responsibilities as the duly elected Attorney General of New York. Please call me Andrew, btw.


Don't you talk back to me!!!!! I'll call you whatever I want Andy!!! Did you see my latest poll numbers!!!! I got back from therapy and what's the first thing I read????!!!! Liz Benjamin reporting at 8:06 a.m. that I've sunk to a new low in the Q poll!!!!!!!! And next I read what you said in the Post. I HATE THE NEW YORK POST!!!!! You blabbed to the one paper I hate more than anything Andy!!!!


Governor, please try to control yourself. I will continue to represent the people of New York with integrity and forget we even had this email exchange.


I don't believe you!!!! I know you want to primary me Andy!!!!!!! You're going to send this email to Dicker, right???????!!!!!! I HATE HIM MORE THAN THE POST!!!!!!! You're finished!!!!!!!!!!!

86% Of Upstate Voters Oppose Spitzer Plan

In the daily polling bombardment the media subjects us to, only a few numbers matter. One question posed by the Siena poll released on Monday was:

Do you support or oppose the Governor's decision to withdraw his proposal to provide driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants?

The question was written to favor Governor Spitzer's position. Because we don't have "undocumented immigrants" in the United States. Those who enter our country without obeying Federal laws are "illegal aliens." It's the correct - and legally accurate - term.

Moreover, illegal aliens are not "undocumented." They carry documents, but the documents they carry are fraudulent. Despite such a soft question, 86% of upstate voters said they supported the Governor's plan to "withdraw" his proposal. If "illegal aliens" were substituted for "undocumented immigrants" the number would have topped 90%.

Day 346, Nothing Changes

Pri$cilla Almodovar

In today's Post Fredric U. Dicker and Kenneth Lovett report that Priscilla Almodovar, CEO and president of the State of New York Mortgage Agency, is set to receive a $45,650-a-year pay raise from $204,350 to $250,000. Ms. Almodovar's raise alone is more than I made working as a Press Officer for Governor Pataki throughout his first year in office. And the agency she heads is so far removed from what is important to the Executive Chamber, I have no idea what it's supposed to do beyond handing out subsidized mortgages and holding a buyer's hand at the closing.

Needless to say, such a large raise is confounding for a Governor who proclaimed Day One, Everything Changes. Oh. I forgot to mention what Dicker and Lovett also reported:

"Almodovar is the wife of Spitzer's handpicked insurance superintendent, Eric Dinallo, a close friend of the governor who served under him in the Attorney General's Office."

R. Milhouse Spitzer Won't Have A Good Day

N.Y. Post: "Tricks" Up DA's Sleeve

Regarding the plan by Governor Spitzer's senior aides to destroy the career of Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo told the Post:

"There are other theories to pursue if [Soares] wanted to pursue them. I don't know where [Soares is] going, but there are other crimes besides perjury . . . There's a lot of crimes that you could charge that don't require a sworn statement."

Ouch. The Governor is likely to have his third or fourth tantrum of the morning once he learns his Attorney General is publicly speculating about criminal charges that Albany County District Attorney David Soares can pursue.