Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Worthless Polls

I'm tired of polls. In fact, I'm disgusted by polls. Yesterday Siena College released a poll matching up Gov. Eliot Spitzer with Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a gubernatorial race that is over three years away. The poll claims Gov. Spitzer "trails" Mayor Bloomberg 50-37 percent.

Anything can happen in politics to bolster or destroy a career in the eternity that is three years. Three years from now Gov. Spitzer could be completely recovered from his attempt to destroy the career of Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. Three years from now Mayor Bloomberg may have an arrest record for assaulting a smoker, or, even worse, a trans fat Oreo cookie.

Moreover, Mayor Bloomberg has shown no interest - at all - in being New York's next Governor. So what's the point of conducting such a poll? To promote Siena College, and manufacture news that is not news by any standard.

Siena College aspires to and does achieve greatness as an educational institution. Unfortunately, their most recent poll wallowed in political speculation and was an embarrassing exercise in nothingness.

Sen. Craig Has Another C-SPAN Caller Moment

AP: Craig Opens Another Legal Battle

Senator Fred Thompson

Politics will break your heart and your hope in half if you let it. Committing wholly to a candidate or an incumbent oftentimes leaves the sting of disappointment and dismay.

The Republican "revolutionaries" who won the Congressional majority in November, 1994 became ideologically and ethically unrecognizable long before the American people rightly turned them out of office.

While I hoped Senator Thompson would enter the presidential race, it was not with the level of enthusiasm displayed by others. Now that his campaign is stalled in mediocrity, platitudes and serious questions about his desire to win the Oval Office, some of his supporters are distraught.

They have a larger problem.

Senator Thompson's physical appearance, a superficial yet powerful barometer the American people use to evaluate a candidate, is troubling. He does not look well. In his films, he looks presidential and commanding. On the campaign trail, he does not. For example, the first answer he delivered in last week's debate was unsteady, to put it mildly.

Perhaps he can recover. Senator Thompson has the leadership skills and the judgement to serve as our president. But it's looking more and more remote.

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

Governor Richard Milhouse Spitzer defending his illegal alien driver's license scheme:

“Today’s Republican Senate committee hearings make clear that the Senate would prefer I abdicate my foremost responsibility to protect the safety and security of New Yorkers rather than implement a smart DMV policy change that advances both (I've already abdicated my foremost responsibility to protect the safety and security of New Yorkers with this policy change since I need to motivate the crackpots that comprise my political base to divert attention from my Joe Bruno scandal).

“To their credit, Republican Senators 'applauded' DMV Commissioner Swarts for the new anti-fraud measures that the DMV has tied to this policy change. Yet despite these vast security enhancements, which will make New York State’s license system the most secure in the nation (I hope you noticed I've already said 'security' twice and 'secure' once in this statement so it sounds like I'm trying to prevent another 9-11 with words only), Senate Republicans continue to object to the policy simply on the grounds that the administration was restoring an immigrant’s access to a license.

“This policy is not about letting more people into this country (this policy is about ignoring fanatics and lunatics who want to kill Americans) . . . We cannot ignore the reality that when hundreds of thousands of people do not have a driver’s license, it puts everyone in danger, and we can’t ignore the reality that when hundreds of thousands of people live in the shadows (I almost made it through this statement without the 'in the shadows' talking point nonsense) it makes our country less safe and law enforcement’s job much harder.”

Joe Bruno Must Be Reading This Blog

Last week I write Governor Spitzer is "unfit" for office, and yesterday, according to the Post:

"Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno in a statement said the latest Siena College poll showing overwhelming public opposition to the plan 'makes abundantly clear what we already knew: that Gov. Spitzer's plan to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens is a threat to public safety and security, and is another indication that he is increasingly seen as unfit to govern this state.'"

Quoting Hillary From Yesterday's "The View"

"You know . . . er . . . ah . . . er-ah . . . ah-er . . . whatever . . . women are like tea bags . . . you know . . ah . . . er."

Her communication skills are unpolished, and the media continues to clean up her quotes.

Guess The Source

Regarding the book Her Way by Don Van Natta Jr. and Jeff Gerth about Senator Hillary Clinton The Hill reports:

"Republicans are focusing on an allegation in a recent book by two Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters, which suggests Clinton listened to a secretly recorded conversation between political opponents . . .

"Gerth told The Hill that he learned of the incident in 2006 when he interviewed a former campaign aide present at the tape playing. He has not revealed the aide’s identity. Clinton’s campaign has not disputed any facts reported in the final version of his book, which became public this spring, he said."

Given The Agenda and All Too Human, the betting money has to be on George Stephanopolous as the "former campaign aide present."

The Daily Chichester

Romney's Mormon faith still an issue.

Thompson continues to disappoint addressing the New York "Conservative" Party.

Governor Richard Milhouse Spitzer still defiant in promoting his scheme to provide driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Another useless poll, this time from Siena College, matching up the Governor-Infant and Mayor Bloomberg in an election that is three years away.

My new hero.