Friday, December 21, 2007

How The Media Cover Presidential Races

The next President of the United States.

Good afternoon. I'm Dave Johnson with the call from Belmont Park. The horses are in the gate. Six of them for the 140th running of the Belmont Stakes. Mile and a half.

And they're off. McCain breaks from the outside and takes the lead. Giuliani second with Ron Turcotte aboard on the inside between horses. Romney away very well racing in third position at the rail. Thompson did not break alertly and is fourth and Huckabee is right there in fifth. There's five of them across the track going for the lead as they swing around the clubhouse turn with Paul on the extreme outside trailing.

McCain draws out the lead by a length and a quarter. Giuliani in second from between horses and is very eager to get to that lead. Romney drops back a bit and there goes Huckabee now taking over fourth showing uncharacteristic speed. Thompson fifth about six lengths off the lead. Paul is the trailer.

As they race to the back stretch on the front end it's McCain with Edgar Prado aboard showing the way by a length. And now Giuliani charges up, storming up on the outside to take the lead. Giuliani by a length over McCain.

Romney is back to third, followed at the rail by the unpredictable Huckabee, and the great colt Thompson may be on the move in fifth, and the trailer continues to be Paul, who is 16 lengths off the leader Giuliani. The opening quarter was 23 seconds and the half in 46 and three-fifths seconds; that's three-fifths slower than the track record set by Reagan in 1984.

Here we go with Giuliani now in front by a length and a quarter but as you can see Huckabee is moving up along side to challenge McCain and Romney. Huckabee moving up on the rail and taking strong command of second as McCain and Romney drop back on the outside.

Giuliani is on the move now. Huckabee is a stalking second and he's moving early with six furlongs to go! Huckabee is about to overtake Giuliani! Oh! Huckabee has broken down! Huckabee has broken down!

Romney is now at the rail racing in second at the far turn. Thompson has moved up to the third position but is faltering and McCain falls back too. Paul is the trailer now by 35 lengths.

As they move to the top of the stretch it's Giuliani now in front by only a half-length, and now Romney puts in a run with Gary Stevens on the outside aboard. Thompson is still back to third by seven lengths as they straighten and McCain has given way trailing in fourth!

Romney is making his move. Stevens glances over and he sees that Giuliani is along side. It looks like a two horse horse race for the Belmont Stakes as Giuliani and Romney pull away! They're by the eight pole.

And down the stretch they come!

It's still Giuliani in a furious drive uncoiling that massive stride. He's holding on to a head lead. Romney is outside and challenging that lead. The two are heads apart. And Romney's got a lead! Romney is now a nose in front! Right in the middle of the stretch! It's Romney and Giuliani battling back along the inside! They are deadlocked! They're stride for stride!

The whip is out on Giuliani! Giuliani under a right hand whip from Turcotte! Romney on the outside driving! Giuliani and Romney noses apart!

As they come to the final sixteenth, Ron Turcotte imploring Giuliani to hold on! 63 years in the waiting! Romney a final surge! It's going to be very close. Here's the wire . . . IT'S TOO CLOSE TO CALL! Was it Romney or was it Giuliani?! A picture is worth a thousand words! History in the waiting until we get that photo finish!