Monday, September 24, 2007

Schwarzenegger On "Global Warming" at the U.N.

"The current stalemate between the developed and the developing worlds must be broken. It is time we came together in a new international agreement that can be embraced by rich and poor nations alike . . .

"The time has come to stop looking back at the Kyoto Protocol. The consequences of global climate change are so pressing ... it doesn't matter who was responsible for the past. What matters is who is answerable for the future. And that means all of us."

Arnold Schwarzenegger should stick to things he understands. Like botox.

The Thompson Campaign Must Be Reading This Blog

Exactly what the Senator should be doing:

"This week, Thompson intends to sharpen the differences he has with two of his rivals--Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani-- by asking a simple question: Where were you during the 1994 Republican Revolution?"

Chichester's Entourage Checks In

Regarding Novak's column yesterday:

"If the Republicans join a veto override of the SCHIP bill, they may as well disband as a party. They will have convincingly ceded any notion of revitalizing the fiscal responsibility card for '08." - Rick "Flash" Davis.

Lunatic Update

Fox News: Ahmadinejad Speaks of Love, Kindess, Beauty and God in Speech to National Press Club

43 on Hillary

For a president who has refused to respond directly and forcefully to attacks on his character and leadership because it would be "undignified" or "unworthy of the Oval Office," handicapping the Democratic field was a surprise.

Petraeus Ad

The Democratic Party New York Times Admits They Violated Their Own Policy

Subpoena for Superintendent Preston Feltonupthesecondfloor

N.Y. Post: GOP Set To Make Top Cop A Canary

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

From UPI:

"Clinton appeared on 'Fox News Sunday.' Host Chris Wallace, citing his acerbic interview with former President Clinton last year as well as the former first lady's comments this year, asked, 'Why do you and the president have such a hyper-partisan view of politics? … Why do we want another president who thinks so much in terms of right versus left and red state versus blue state?'"

"Oh, Chris (you a--hole) , if you had walked even a day in our shoes over the last 15 years, I'm sure you'd understand. But you know, the real goal for our country right now is to get beyond partisanship. And, I'm sure trying to do my part (by calling General Petraeus a liar). Because we've got a lot of serious problems that we're trying to deal with."


Go away. Please.

N.Y. Sun: Sen. Obama To Be In New York For Fund-Raiser, Rally

"I'm coming to New York City on September 27 and I want you to join me, to join this campaign, to join something historic, to be part of changing our politics. This campaign is a growing movement and now is the time to come together."

How come every time he speaks you feel like you have to reach for a lighter at a Journey concert.

Rudy, Who Voted For Democrat Mario Cuomo

Washington Post: Giuliani's Rhetoric on Terror Contrasts With His Record

What - specifically - did Mayor Giuliani do on September 11, 2001? His supporters are unable to move beyond mere platitudes. He "remained calm," "demonstrated resolve," "showed strength," "displayed courage." So what. If the standard is that he didn't have a public nervous breakdown, like New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin during Hurricane Katrina, we need a higher standard.

The Mayor has received a near-total pass from Republican primary voters regarding his pre-September 11th leadership. His decision to locate the Office of Emergency Management at 7 World Trade Center was colossally stupid. If he had located it in Brooklyn, which was suggested to him by aides, it may have saved lives. We'll never know.

N.Y. Post: Fred Dicker: Probe Defanged

Spitz Got Mitts On D.A.: Insiders

Lunatic Update

N.Y. Times: New York Grudgingly Opens Door to Ahmadinejad