Tuesday, December 18, 2007

David Soares Crusades Like Thomas E. Dewey

The David Soares Investigative Sleep Mask

Rick Karlin of the Times Union reports the latest from Mike Nifong David Soares:

"The travel records scandal that has enveloped Gov. Eliot Spitzer and some of his top staff members is far from over, as the governor on Monday confirmed that his office has received yet another subpoena from Albany County District Attorney David Soares.

"This comes as Soares is hiring a chief for his Public Integrity Unit, which subpoenaed the governor; and as the state Public Integrity Commission is about to call Spitzer in to testify next month . . .

(and now the best part of Karlin's story)

"Heading the Public Integrity Unit is Bruce Lennard, who left the office this summer for a post at the Commission on Judicial Conduct, said Soares spokeswoman Heather Orth, who explained that he was rehired last week. Orth said the hiring was not linked to the travel records affair, saying there was an open position to run the bureau for some time. 'We were just looking for the right person,' she said."

Rehired last week? There was an open position to run his Public Integrity Unit? Soares was looking for the right person? While he's charged with investigating an ethics scandal that has crippled state government?

This is too good. What a complete bunch of incompetents in the Albany County District Attorney's office.