Thursday, December 13, 2007

Albany County's Version Of Mike Nifong

The David Soares Investigative Sleep Mask

Albany County District Attorney David Soares is wearing his investigative sleep mask more than previously believed. In addition to the Dirty Tricks scandal, it's strapped on as he "investigates" illegal Internet steroid sales. Today, he was asked if he cared about catching Major League Baseball players. He said:

“That’s not an interest of mine. It never has been. I’m more concerned with the teenager right now who is on the JV squad and wants to be on the senior squad and will go out and get steroids."

What? It never has been?

What an unbelievable statement. I wonder if District Attorney Soares a) knows that since 1991 possession of steroids without a valid prescription is a crime, and b) these players have made a joke of hallowed Major League Baseball records and must be punished.

Soares is willfully ignoring the law, and the people of Albany County should take that fact into consideration when he's up for re-election.