Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pollsters Anonymous

Fox News Poll: More Voters Believe Clinton Will Be President

The Serenity Pollster: May I continue to strive to maintain the Polling Serenity to accept the crosstabs things that are not mine to sample change, courage to change the focus groups things that I should for the margin of error betterment of my fees the planet or even one likely voter life upon it , and the wisdom to know the wording of the question difference.

To be a near-daily feature given the media's obsession with polls and the horse race.

Nancy Pelosi Wants To Meet With You

According to The Politico Speaker Tracy Flick Nancy Pelosi is big on meetings:

"One leadership aide said that Pelosi schedules meetings to talk about the agenda for the next meeting, leaving no time to get anything done. Those complaints fall on the deaf ears of members of Congress not forced to attend."

As a former Hill staffer who reveled in blowing off one meeting after another called by the obsessive-compulsive disorder crowd just to "do something," this story cracked me up.

How To Annoy Chichester V

By describing political events as a "gate." In Albany there are ceaseless mentions of "Troopergate." In Washington, D.C. every real or possible scandal is a "gate." It's a lazy use of the English language.

Governor Spitzer's Plan To Resurrect Buffalo

Today's Times reports:

"John E. McArdle, a spokesman for the Senate majority leader, Joseph L. Bruno, called the projects announced by the governor retreads of previously announced deals.

“'I’m glad to see he is living up to commitments made years ago under previous administrations,' he said. 'What’s new?' he added. 'Where are the new projects and initiatives that we have been attempting to get done in Buffalo?'

"Jeffrey Gordon, a spokesman for Mr. Spitzer, said Mr. McArdle was 'absolutely correct' in saying 'many of these ideas have been around for some time.'"

The Governor-Infant is likely to have his fourth or fifth tantrum of the morning after he reads that Gordon quote responding to John (my former boss, by the way).

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

Governor Spitzer, yesterday in Rochester, defending his illegal alien driver's license scheme:

"We will not have them living in the shadows (I just used the 'living in the shadows' vacuous talking point to score with my base since my career could be over because I tried to destroy Senator Bruno's career), 500,000 to a million people, which is what we've been living with (we've been living with people who break our Federal laws, and just forget about how 20% of our Federal prison inmate population is comprised of illegal aliens). Security experts say better to know who is here, better to have a list, better to have them use a valid foreign passport (I've listened to these 'security experts,' and they still believe it's September 10, 2001).

Rudy, Who Voted For Democrat Mario Cuomo

Mayor Giuliani was flawless in this week's presidential debate. At the end, it didn't matter what the other candidates said. The Mayor eloquently explained free markets and freedom, strongly defended his mayoral record, criticized Hillary in a humorous and substantive manner, and even called for the construction of new nuclear power plants. While it's three months from the Iowa Caucuses, it is becoming increasingly difficult to envision a nominee other than Rudy.

The Daily Chichester

Obama makes his first campaign appearance in Maryland. The assembled crowd cried in unison.

A San Francisco Federal judge loves lawbreakers.

Rep. Anthony Weiner is going to hear from Governor Richard Milhouse Spitzer after criticizing his scheme to provide driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

The Governor-Infant has a new problem with his aides and the IRS.

Rudy confusing Christian conservatives.

The Department of Defense continues to do a great post-Rumsfeld job adjusting its strategy to help us prevail in Iraq.