Monday, December 3, 2007

Eliot Spitzer's Green Distraction

Today, Governor Eliot Spitzer and numerous elected Democrats announced their opposition to the relicensing of the Indian Point nuclear power plant because of the "threat of terrorism."

Yes, the threat of terrorism. From the same freshman Governor who wanted to provide tens of thousands of illegal aliens with driver's licenses, which would have created a new path to another September 11, 2001.

Notwithstanding the fact that the Governor's predecessor George Pataki appeased virtually every carbon-counting green kook left in the state, what are New Yorkers supposed to do to meet their energy needs?

Eliot Spitzer's party is the reason why the United States has not built a new oil refinery in thirty years. Eliot Spitzer's party opposes drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In fact, there is likely not a single, solitary square foot in the United States and our coastal waters where the party of Eliot Spitzer would drill for oil.

Eliot Spitzer's party opposes the excavation of coal. Eliot Spitzer's party opposes the construction of wind farms because the Kennedys and other wealthy families believe they're eye-sores. If it were up to the Luddites in Eliot Spitzer's party, New Yorkers would be rubbing two wooden sticks together to stay warm.

This announcement has nothing to do with terrorism or nuclear power. It's about raw politics. Governor Spitzer continues to grovel before the hard Democrat left as his character and competence are questioned in the wake of using the State Police in an attempt to destroy the career of Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno.

Govenor Spitzer's ethics, or lack thereof, and the sleazy behavior of his top aides will be in the public spotlight for at least another year, at a minimum. The Governor needs to create as many distractions as possible. Attacking Indian Point is one distraction among many to come.