Thursday, October 9, 2008

Congresswoman Code Pink, Wrong Again

"We can not continue to send our troops to fight in the middle of a religious civil war. Our commitment to the Iraqis can not be endless and we need to start redeploying our troops out of Iraq by March of next year."

Dear Congresswoman Gillibrand,

That's what you said on March 19, 2007.

You didn't want to "redeploy" our troops. It's a typically bankrupt, focus-group word politicians use when they're too afraid to use accurate language.

You wanted to surrender. To retreat. To cut and run.

If it were up to you, the United States of America would be seen by al-Qaeda and the Taliban as gutless. As craven.

If it were up to you, Islamofascists worldwide would have pursued another September 11th with an even higher degree of fanaticism.

If it were up to you, our soldiers would have returned home cloaked in humiliation and defeat.

But it was not up to you.

Thank God.

I'd like to break the news to you: Our soldiers have been kicking ass, Congresswoman. They're killing terrorists. They are showing the world that the United States military is the most ferocious force on earth.

And where were you when the surge began? Where were you when our soldiers began the path to victory? You were sticking daisies in their M-16's like a tie-dyed Woodstock hippie.

Throughout your re-election campaign against Sandy Treadwell, you barely even mention the war. Well, now, I wonder why.

If you're so proud of your March 19, 2007 statement, you should run television and radio ads citing it. Remind your constituents.

I'm sure they'll be crazy-go-nuts for it. Especially given the 80,000 vote Republican registration advantage in your district.

I noticed you were endorsed by the National Rifle Association this week. So what.

You can acquire all the N.R.A. endorsements the organization has to offer. I don't give a damn. And neither should the New Yorkers you represent. Because you didn't support the most important rifles on earth being fired in our epic global struggle against evil.

- Chris