Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Worthless Polls

I'm tired of polls. In fact, I'm disgusted by polls. Yesterday Siena College released a poll matching up Gov. Eliot Spitzer with Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a gubernatorial race that is over three years away. The poll claims Gov. Spitzer "trails" Mayor Bloomberg 50-37 percent.

Anything can happen in politics to bolster or destroy a career in the eternity that is three years. Three years from now Gov. Spitzer could be completely recovered from his attempt to destroy the career of Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. Three years from now Mayor Bloomberg may have an arrest record for assaulting a smoker, or, even worse, a trans fat Oreo cookie.

Moreover, Mayor Bloomberg has shown no interest - at all - in being New York's next Governor. So what's the point of conducting such a poll? To promote Siena College, and manufacture news that is not news by any standard.

Siena College aspires to and does achieve greatness as an educational institution. Unfortunately, their most recent poll wallowed in political speculation and was an embarrassing exercise in nothingness.