Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Senator Fred Thompson

Politics will break your heart and your hope in half if you let it. Committing wholly to a candidate or an incumbent oftentimes leaves the sting of disappointment and dismay.

The Republican "revolutionaries" who won the Congressional majority in November, 1994 became ideologically and ethically unrecognizable long before the American people rightly turned them out of office.

While I hoped Senator Thompson would enter the presidential race, it was not with the level of enthusiasm displayed by others. Now that his campaign is stalled in mediocrity, platitudes and serious questions about his desire to win the Oval Office, some of his supporters are distraught.

They have a larger problem.

Senator Thompson's physical appearance, a superficial yet powerful barometer the American people use to evaluate a candidate, is troubling. He does not look well. In his films, he looks presidential and commanding. On the campaign trail, he does not. For example, the first answer he delivered in last week's debate was unsteady, to put it mildly.

Perhaps he can recover. Senator Thompson has the leadership skills and the judgement to serve as our president. But it's looking more and more remote.