Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Dear New Yorkers,

You've been used.

Without your votes in 2000 and 2006, Hillary is a private citizen. Or hustled residents of another state to elect her to the United States Senate.

She is embarrassing you. Frequently.

Your junior Senator can't even answer a simple and straightforward question about illegal aliens obtaining driver's licenses.

Your junior Senator has her campaign aides plant scripted questions at public events because she can't answer tough, unscripted questions.

Your junior Senator debases presidential campaigning with lowest-common denominator appeals to her gender. Vote for Hillary since she's a woman. That's her latest message, if you have not noticed. You should be offended by such crassness.

You've been used.

It matters where you come from and what you've experienced when you aspire to the highest level of American politics. Our elected officials must understand and identify with the people they represent. Yet, you didn't give a damn about it. Twice.

"Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Senator from New York . . ."

How many times have you heard that phrase over the last seven years? It's still incomprehensible, to me, that she represents New York.

We're Ellis Island, the Erie Canal, Bay Ridge, Lake Placid and Cooperstown. She's Chicago, Park Ridge, Wellesley, Yale and Arkansas.

You've been used.

You're merely another stepping stone in a manipulative and conniving career. You've turned us into the new Rose Law Firm. Except we're a state. A former great state that continues to decline.

When the new census is completed we're going to lose 2-4 seats in the House of Representatives. She will have done nothing to stop that from happening.

You can still atone. By voting against her. But you won't.

You've been used.

Love, Chris