Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fastball Sean Hannity

Predicting Hannity's future questions for the Republican presidential candidates:

* Governor Romney, if you had a puppy what would you name him?

* Mayor Giuliani, what's your favorite color?

* Senator Thompson, were you deeply disappointed to not be nominated for the Academy Award after your performance in The Hunt For Red October since it's the best movie ever made?

* Senator McCain, is the Navy uniform you once wore just the coolest uniform ever?

* Governor Huckabee, as a Baptist minister, do you believe the Bible is the greatest book ever written?

* Congressman Hunter, why shouldn't Hillary Clinton be our next President?

* Congressman Tancredo, is crossing our border illegally a bad thing for our country?

* Congressman Paul, when you appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno how presidential was it when you were standing next to the Sex Pistols since you're an Anything Goes libertarian nut job with a big anti-Semite following that you never disavow?