Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pollsters Anonymous

The latest Quackapiac Quinnipiac poll claims New Yorkers believe that Gov. Spitzer "knew what his aides were doing when they arranged for State Police records of Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno's travels to be leaked to the media" by a margin of 56-25 percent and that "New York State voters say 78 - 17 percent that Gov. Eliot Spitzer should testify under oath about what he knew of the so-called Troopergate scandal."


"Voters say 57 - 26 percent that Spitzer is 'honest and trustworthy.'"

That makes sense. It's perfectly intellectually consistent.

The Serenity Pollster: May I continue to strive to maintain the Polling Serenity to accept the crosstabs things that are not mine to sample change, courage to change the focus groups things that I should for the margin of error betterment of my fees the planet or even one likely voter life upon it , and the wisdom to know the wording of the question difference.

To be a near-daily feature given the media's obsession with polls and the horse race.