Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chichester's Entourage Checks In / RE: SCHIP

Bush is bungling the message on vetoing SCHIP. Anybody home in the PR department? The reason to veto is NOT "get the needy signed up first" – implying that we’ll get the remainder later. Huh?

The message should be: This is fiscally irresponsible, making a mockery of the Democrats campaign posture last year, and exacerbates the health care problem in this country. This makes it more costly by expanding third party payments for health care by the government, drawing in still more middle class to government entitlements that are bankrupting our children’s future.

Expanding middle class subsidies with higher middle class taxes also crowds out the private insurance market, giving government more control over this world class industry, which leads to inevitable rationing. The White House and Republican party never fails to miss an opportunity to educate the American people on the health care debate. - Rick "Flash" Davis.