Monday, October 22, 2007


Dear New Yorkers,

You've been had.

You've been had because your junior Senator no longer represents you as she runs for the presidency.

Iowans matter more than you. New Hampshirites matter more than you. Barack Obama's fund-raising numbers matter more than you.

You were told this would happen.

When was the last time you heard your junior Senator address the tax burden in Suffolk County? When do you recall her describing how to help ghostly upstate communities as she campaigns?

You're an afterthought. You're forgotten.

She cares more about her pollsters than she does you.

The charter school movement is the most important and consequential political movement in our state. You don't hear a word from her about it on the stump. Not a syllable of support.

You've been had.

You elected a person with no idea what it was like to buy a Nathan's hot dog on Coney Island. She probably needed a briefing.

You elected a person who couldn't tell you the difference between the suspension spans on the Golden Gate Bridge and our beloved Verrazano Bridge. She probably hired a Brooklyn political consultant to explain it.

You elected a person who never drove by the Big Duck on eastern Long Island. She probably assembled a focus group to describe it on her way to a 2000 Hamptons fund-raiser.

Doesn't it bother you that you've been used like this by an Illinoisan by way of Arkansas who knew nothing about New York, and never speaks about our state as she seeks the Oval Office?

You've been had.

Love, Chris.