Monday, October 22, 2007

The Jimmy Swaggart Poll

The Values Voters straw poll "won" by Gov. Mitt Romney on Saturday in Washington, D.C. was an embarrassment for the Christian conservatives who organized it.

According to The New York Times:

"Anyone who is a member of Family Research Council Action, one of the groups organizing the summit, could vote. Joining the group only requires a $1 donation. Mr. Romney's campaign, as well as others, has been actively encouraging people to vote online. And about 3,500 new people have joined the organization, on top of the existing 5,000 members, in the last few months. Out of the 2,500 attendees of the summit, only 952 out of 5,775 overall actually cast votes in person. But almost 600 of those who attended had already voted online."

Congressman Ron Paul finished third. He "defeated" Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Fred Thompson.

In any election where human beings go to the polls a Ron Paul doesn't stand a chance against Giuliani, McCain or Thompson. The Paul skill is attracting propeller hat anti-Semites, conspiracy theorist crackpots and obsessive-compulsive supporters on the Internet surfing in from their mother's basement.

Paul's "better than expected" finish will be promoted and hailed by his demented supporters to help him raise another $5 million this quarter.

Congratulations Family Research Council Action. You did a splendid job this weekend with your little straw poll.