Monday, October 1, 2007

Clarence Thomas, Still Unloading

ABC News today reports extensively on the new Clarence Thomas book, "My Grandfather's Son." The quotes are searing (for those who may not know who he's talking about here, it's the Senior Senator/Aquatic Wonder From Massachusetts, Joe Biden (D-Neil Kinnock) and others too numerous to mention.

"These people who claim to be progressive & have been far more vicious to me than any southerner and it is purely ideological . . .

"People get bent out of shape about the fact that when I was a kid, you could not drink out of certain water fountains. Well, the water was the same. My grandfather always said that, 'The water's exactly the same.' But those same people are extremely comfortable saying I can't drink from this fountain of knowledge. They certainly don't see themselves as being like the bigots in the South. Well, I've lived both experiences. And I really don't see that they're any different from them."