Thursday, December 6, 2007

Imagine Governor Hillary Clinton (D-Arkansas)

By a vote of 4-1 the Arkansas Parole Board denies parole to a man who raped a 17-year-old girl.

Governor Hillary Clinton subsequently meets with the Board in Executive Session and pressures its members to parole the rapist, which is an apparent violation of the state's open meetings law.

Dr. Charles Chastain, a member of the Board tells the media:

“Governor Clinton commented that the rapist had received, from her perspective, a raw deal, that he was someone from the wrong side of the tracks ... and that he had received what she thought was too long a sentence for that type of crime.”

Five months after the initial vote, the Board reverses itself and votes 4-1 to parole the rapist. Governor Hillary Clinton releases a statement in full support: “I concur with the board’s action and hope the lives of all those involved can move forward."

In addition, Governor Hillary Clinton writes the rapist directly. She asserts: "My desire is that you be released from prison. I feel now that parole is the best way for your reintegration into society." The rapist is paroled.

The following year the rapist sexually assaults and murders a 39-year-old Missouri woman in her apartment. Police discover the paroled rapist's DNA under the victim's fingernails. After a six day trial the paroled rapist and accused murderer is sentenced to life in prison, which he attacks as "ludicrous, nonsensical, stupid and ignorant."

While running for the Democratic nomination for president, Governor Hillary Clinton denies she pressured the Board. "At their invitation, I went to their meeting. Someone brought up his case. Frankly it was simply part of a broader discussion. I did not ask them to do anything." Governor Hillary Clinton also tells CNN, "None of us could've predicted what he could've done when he got out."

But in a phone interview with ABC News Governor Hillary Clinton's former criminal justice counsel, Butch Reeves, said she told the Board members there was "something nefarious" about the criminal justice system in the rapist's case. And echoing Dr. Chastain's language Mr. Reeves said Governor Hillary Clinton claimed the rapist got a "raw deal."

The mother of the murdered woman tells ABC News that she would do "whatever it takes" to prevent Governor Hillary Clinton from becoming president of the United States. She adds, "I can't imagine anybody wanting somebody like that running the country."

These are the facts with one obvious exception. The Governor is Mike Huckabee, not Hillary Clinton. How does it feel to read it Huckabee supporters?