Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fox, MSNBC and CNN: Mass Murder Enablers

What Drove Young Killer To Commit Mall Slaughter? That's the question Fox News poses as the top story on its web site this morning. MSNBC's home page prominently features Video: Portrait of a Killer. It's also CNN's top story reporting: Mall Shooter's Suicide Note: Now I'll Be Famous.

He's famous now.

Fox, MSNBC and CNN have been providing mass murderers with a platform for their bloody rampages for too long. These killers know cable news producers will cut into their programming once they act on their homicidal fantasies. And they also understand the follow-up coverage will give them the attention they could never receive in their sick and twisted little worlds. As long as this saturation coverage continues, a mass murderer is in the making. There's one sitting in front of his television now, and thinking: I'm going to be next.