Monday, December 3, 2007

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

Governor Spitzer in Nick Paumgarten's New Yorker profile:

"I went up to Albany with the avowed purpose of changing the way things were done (I went up to Albany with the avowed purpose to fail to complete my first term in office). Some of the folks there don’t want us to do that (Some of the folks there don't have my collection of Haldemans, Ehrlichmans and other future felons; they're such children) . . . And so anybody who thought it was going to be pretty—and I’ll say something now that I probably shouldn’t (I say ten or twelve things every day I probably shouldn't).

"It's not because I've had two sips of wine (when I have a full glass of wine there's usually another investigation and grand jury on the way). Editorial boards desperately want reform but yet desperately don’t want the discomfort of seeing people fighting. And so there is a sort of a schizophrenia . They see us fighting and they say, ‘Can’t you guys get along?’ Well, the answer is, you know, maybe not (I won't be attending Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo's Inauguration on January 1, 2011).