Friday, November 30, 2007

"Presidential" Hillary

It didn't take long before Hillary was praised for her remarks following the end of the hostage situation at her Rochester, New Hampshire campaign office. On Nutball Hardball with Chris Matthews CQ's Craig Crawford said she appeared "presidential." It was echoed by The Politico's Roger Simon, who said she "looked terrific" and "was presidential." And Amy Sullivan of Time magazine said she "sounded very presidential." Nutball Matthews, of course, agreed with them all.

Any human who believes Hillary's bland remarks, which were punctuated by multiple "uhs" as usual, amount to a presidential performance should be banned from television punditry for life. This soon-to-be forgettable event is completely irrelevant in judging presidential ability and leadership.

Hillary, though, loves it. She gets to turn it into a plus and politicize it, which she's already done by praising "young people" who work in campaigns. She's running up to New Hampshire tomorrow to thank law enforcement. And she gets to play a victim. Again.