Friday, November 30, 2007

"The Kingdom"

They are monsters living in a desert.

According to ABC News:

"Floggings in Saudi Arabia typically take place Thursday nights outside of prisons or marketplaces. The accused is shackled and sometimes permitted to wear a single layer of clothing, like the popular Saudi tunic or dishdash.

"A police officer administers the lashes with a bamboo whip about 7 feet long. Under his arm, the officer will typically hold a copy of the Koran in order to regulate the power with which he can whip the accused."

This brutality is what awaits "the Girl From Qatif," the 19-year-old Saudi rape victim who was sentenced to six months in prison and 200 lashes for inviting her attack because she was in a parked car with a man who was not a relative.

Where is the strong condemnation of this disgusting crime committed by Saudi government thugs directly from President George W. Bush? Hardly a word.

The president of the United States can't pay attention to every human rights violation, says the skeptic.

Yes, he can.

Because in his second Inaugural address President Bush told the world the United States of America is for freedom. Everywhere. For everyone.

"The Kingdom" of Saudi Arabia is a neo-Nazi paradise. There are no political parties, no national elections, no rights endowed by our Creator.

"The Kingdom" amputates hands and feet after show trials. Their schools indoctrinate children with hate. Fifteen of the 19 terrorists who attacked our country on September 11, 2001 were from Saudi Arabia.

Merely being in a car with an unrelated male is a crime for a woman in "The Kingdom." She gets 90 lashes for it. She's a gang rape victim and because she spoke about it publicly the sentence is now 200 lashes and six months in jail from "The Kingdom's" leaders.

This is a revolting country.

Any American diplomat who describes the backward and barbaric sand trap of Saudi Arabia as "The Kingdom" should be reprimanded. Even fired.

"The Kingdom" mocks President Bush's second Inaugural. It's a minute-by-minute totalitarian state that must be shamed and humiliated into civilization as long as our United States claims it's an ally.