Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Daily Chichester

This is too good. I thought, according to Democrats, that the Bush administration was "spying on Americans," and it was Gestapo-like to provide the National Security Agency with eavesdropping powers. Go crazy on your own today moveon.org.

Governor Richard Milhouse Spitzer's Communications Director departs for lobbying firm.

Sky-high expectations for Thompson's debate performance.

Obama's pastor is an extremist.

I almost couldn't make it through this WaPo story given the incessant Jimmy Carter-like whining from these former Bush staffers.

We're having a tough time convincing Afghan government officials that heroin is bad. Explaining why the United States does not pressure the government to spray its poppy fields with herbicide a State Department official said there "is a potential for losing hearts and minds." Wonder where we've heard those words invoked the last time we were at war. State should get some new talking points.