Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Chichester's Odds On The Dumbest Chris Matthews Debate Question

* Inspired by Erin Burnett.

3-1 - Mayor Giuliani, who is the hottest babe on Fox News, and could you describe her lip gloss?

2-1 - Congressman Paul, as a libertarian, do you find it's easier to meet those girls gone wild anything goes types?

5-1 - Congressman Hunter, as the former distinguished chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and I love those chicks in uniform, er-ha! er-ha! Ahem. Excuse me. Seriously, Congressman, was Demi Moore the most attractive woman in uniform you've ever seen when she was in A Few Good Men?

8-1 - Governor Romney, in the old days my mistake was drinking beer and doing shots with girls and saying how great I was. Can you share your similar experiences as a Mormon?

3-5 - Senator Thompson, Fred, Freddy, meshugana of a television star, I could hardly wait to get to ya. Regarding your wife - va, va, va, voom! How did you both first meet?

10-1 - Governor Huckabee, I once said Hillary Clinton had "the balls" to run for the Senate. As the former Arkansas Governor, was I right about her balls, sir?

6-1 - Senator Brownback, if you were still single, would you date Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama or John Edwards?

4-1 - Senator McCain, could you get a little closer to the camera? Ha! Just kidding! You're a knockout, Senator. So, do you agree with Congressman Hunter that Demi Moore is not the most attractive woman ever in uniform?

9-1 - Congressman Tancredo, isn't it an outrage that Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek don't do nude scenes in the first five minutes of their movies?