Monday, October 15, 2007

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

The AP reports Senator John Edwards questioned Hillary's sincerity:

''I may have missed something (Hillary is trouncing me in all the polls) -- and you can tell me -- have we already had the New Hampshire primary (when we have the New Hampshire primary will I lose by 25 or 30 points?) ? Have we decided who's going to win the New Hampshire primary yet (Have you noticed I have not mentioned Hillary by name since I'm afraid of her; that's my wife's job)? I think we're going to actually have a campaign and an election.

''Instead of moving from primary mode to general election mode, why don't we have tell-the-truth mode (Hillary's a liar; my wife will tell you so), all the time, and not say something different one time than we say another time?

''We need to be able to trust both a presidential candidate and a president of the United States (if you primary voters want the impeached, disbarred, held-in-contempt-of-court by a Federal judge ex-president back in The White House, vote for Hillary) .''