Monday, October 15, 2007

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

From today's New York Times story on the Giuliani-D'Amato relationship:

"But Mr. D’Amato says he’s looking beyond personalities, beyond the spats and celebrated reconciliations in the two decades since he first publicly split with Mr. Giuliani . . .

"In an interview last week, Mr. D’Amato said he and Mr. Giuliani were 'not best friends, but certainly I don’t have any personal antagonism toward him (I hate his guts) and I don’t think he has any toward me (he hates me, too) .'

"They last spoke about six months ago, Mr. D’Amato said, when Mr. Giuliani invited him to a private club for cigar smokers on Fifth Avenue. 'I said, 'I will probably be supporting McCain, but I will not speak ill of you (you're getting trashed every chance I get because I'm still seething about your endorsement of Gov. Mario Cuomo over George Pataki in 1994, among other things),’” Mr. D’Amato recalled.

"In the interview, though, he described Mr. Giuliani and Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, as among the candidates 'who are trying to reinvent' (they're both frauds, but Rudy is the bigger fraud) themselves. He called Mr. Thompson potentially the strongest regional candidate, while, he said, Mr. Giuliani would probably lose his home state . . .

“New York Republicans are supporting him because they believe he would be the strongest candidate in New York — he’s not going to carry it — and help them in their local races (predicting you'd lose your home state is not speaking ill of you) ,” Mr. D’Amato said.

"Mr. D’Amato said Mr. Giuliani had run 'an extraordinarily brilliant campaign to date' and that 'given many positions he has on social issues (marching in gay pride parades, supporting abortion-on-demand, dressing in drag and the usual Anything Goes left-wing social agenda), no one would have believed he would have done as well as he’s done (I still hate him).'"