Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ya Gotta Believe Kirsten

I believe you, Congresswoman Gillibrand.

I believe you aren't purposely hiding your extensive legal work on behalf of cigarette-dealer Philip Morris.

I believe you never went to great lengths to help Big Tobacco conceal its research on the dangers of smoking.

I believe you did not help Philip Morris perpetuate a fraud on the American people using attorney-client privilege for five years.

I believe the moms and dads you represent will have no problem with your service to Philip Morris executives who denied tobacco is addictive before a Congressional committee.

I believe there were clients at Davis Polk & Wardwell you represented other than Big Tobacco.

I believe your claim that you have proudly and openly talked about your work for Philip Morris with reporters.

I believe you have a good reason for accepting major campaign contributions from Altria, the Philip Morris parent company.

I believe it's an honor for Altria to consider you a legislator they support.

I believe your long association with Altria is perfectly consistent with your current positions on children's health care.

I believe the reason you refuse to release your income taxes is because you have no financial interest in Altria.

I believe you did no legal work for Altria, or Philip Morris USA, while you were at Boies Schiller & Flexner from 2001 to 2006.

I believe it's perfectly understandable why there are no quotes in the public record from you recommending young people and minors not smoke.

I believe it presents no conflict of interest for you to accept campaign contributions from firms your super lobbyist father represents.

I believe your claim to the Times Union that you never talk to Big Daddy about his clients "at all."

I believe your work at the secret Dr. Strangelove German lab used by Philip Morris to skirt United States federal laws were four innocent European vacations.

I believe you possess high ethical standards and would refuse to represent clients you consider morally objectionable.

I believe you should never feel guilty about helping "America's most reviled company."

I believe you, Congresswoman.

* Michael Kelly, RIP.