Saturday, September 6, 2008


Senator John McCain is blowing it. Big time.

His acceptance speech was mediocre, at best. He had eight years to prepare for the night he accepted the nomination from his party to be the next president of the United States, and it was a major disappointment.

To win, he must tell the truth about Senator Barack Obama.

He likely will not. Because the truth about Obama will be reported as "negative politics" by the mainstream media. Senator McCain, and his people, can easily be intimidated by the MSM.

If he loses on November 4th, it will be because of his excessive pandering to the media.

Senator McCain should make Obama's unrepentant terrorist pal William Ayres an issue. His extremist, paranoid, conspiracy-theory former pastor Jeremiah Wright is also a legitimate line of attack. And his "slum lord" buddy and convicted felon Tony Resco should never be off limits.

Senator McCain is not going to make Ayres, Wright and Resco part of his campaign. If he loses this election by a dozen electoral votes, that will be the reason. He was too afraid to expose his opponent for what he represents by his unseemly associations.