Monday, September 24, 2007

Rudy, Who Voted For Democrat Mario Cuomo

Washington Post: Giuliani's Rhetoric on Terror Contrasts With His Record

What - specifically - did Mayor Giuliani do on September 11, 2001? His supporters are unable to move beyond mere platitudes. He "remained calm," "demonstrated resolve," "showed strength," "displayed courage." So what. If the standard is that he didn't have a public nervous breakdown, like New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin during Hurricane Katrina, we need a higher standard.

The Mayor has received a near-total pass from Republican primary voters regarding his pre-September 11th leadership. His decision to locate the Office of Emergency Management at 7 World Trade Center was colossally stupid. If he had located it in Brooklyn, which was suggested to him by aides, it may have saved lives. We'll never know.