Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hillary The Victim, Again

The New York Times must be edited by a pop psychologist. Today, the Times features a front page, above-the-fold story by Mark Leibovich that reads like an evaluation of a psychiatric ward patient. "Clinton Talks of Scars While Keeping Guard Up" is the headline. Dr. Leibovich's descriptions of Hillary vary,and include:

Struggled to keep her composure, triumph of her self-possession, the person so often encased in armor, not too hardened to inspire, catalogs her wounds, guarded by nature, constant challenge to protect herself emotionally, difficult adjustment, thin-skinned and took criticism hard, doubting nature, her defensiveness, cold realist, variously combative or stoic, deeply wounded and crying and blaming herself.

I needed an oxygen mask and a bottle of Tylenol after reading this tedious nonsense.