Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

Yesterday, Zhang Qingli, China's official spokesthug, condemned President Bush for awarding the Dalai Lama the Congressional Gold Medal:

“Such a person who basely splits his motherland (a totalitarian hell where we run our citizens over with tanks) and doesn’t even love his motherland (the mothers in our 'motherland' are forced to have abortions if they have more than one child) has been welcomed by some countries and has even been receiving this or that award.

“We are furious (we are furious we can't run over the Dalai Lama with a tank right now). If the Dalai Lama can receive such an award, there must be no justice or good people in the world (there must be no barbarians and murderers in the world who agree with us Stalinists).”