Friday, September 21, 2007

Chichester Edits Statements For Accuracy

Albany County District Attorney David Soares on Governor Richard M. Spitzer today:

"You can have the worst intent in the world (which we ignored), but if the act (crime) itself is not unlawful, and is not unauthorized, then you don't have a crime.

"We would not open the doors to the grand jury (because if we did half of the 212 all stars sitting in the Legislature would be in my grand jury rooms) and start throwing out subpoenas like confetti . . .

"We believe in that burden (I believe in incumbency, and if I went after my fellow Democrats downtown my career would be over faster than you can say Betsy McCaughey Ross). We hold ourselves to that burden. We will not change our process (cover up) . . .

"We will not compromise our integrity (but I will compromise my integrity) to fulfill or contribute to the court of public opinion (New Yorkers overwhelmingly believe the Governor was at the heart of this scandal, and they should shut up fast already) or to contribute to what I believe is to be the political theater that happens to surround our very building here."